Hello WordPress.. Goodbye Blogger

I’ve been thinking about switching from Blogger to WordPress late last year (2011). However, I’m kinda hesitant because I’ll need to start all over again. I’m also thinking about my blogger followers though I only have 8 of them. Since I need to welcome changes for a better me, I made a decision and switch to WordPress.

You don’t have to worry because you can still access Laagan na Cebuana in Blogger but starting February 1 updates of my latest journey of finding my way home will be posted through Laagan na Cebuana in WordPress interface.

Not only that because you can also follow me onTumblr. My Tumblr would be the photo blog version.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my followers and my blog’s visitors coz I’m currently have 6,717 views since I started Laagan na Cebuana on June of 2011.

I just hope that these changes I have made won’t affect your trust and loyalty to my blog. I wish that I could gain more followers.

Laagan na Cebuana

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  1. Suporna Roy says:

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  2. Thanks, Roy. Don't forget to visit my other travel blog http://www.laagannacebuana.wordpress.com.

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