February Calendar of Activities

For my February itinerary, I plan to visit 4 municipalities in 48 hours. Do you think i can handle all these things? Well, let’s wait and see.

The Plan A

The initial plan is to visit Lambog Beach in Badian first. Base on my reseached, Lambog Beach seams to be a public beach which is known as Little Boracay. There’s no specific reason yet why it’s called as Little Boracay, but definitely that’s one thing that I need to find out.

I would then proceed to Alegria and check out the private beach resort own and manage by the Municipality of Alegria. However, I’m turn between Alegria and Santander because that would be the third time that I’ll visit Alegria. I’ve already been there twice when I was invited during their annual town fiesta but didn’t get the chance to explore the whole town though. You can read my Alegria adventure HERE.

I might spend the night at my friend’s vacation house at Ginatilan, but I still have to talk to her about this favor.

The Plan B

As an alternative to the initial plan, I’ll visit Santander instead of Alegria. Check out Lambog Beach then proceed to Malabuyoc and stay at Marine Sanctuary Resort. I would then visit Samboan and Santander on the following day.

The Plan C

Worse come to worse (I hope not), I have to visit two municipalities in one day coz I don’t know yet if my funds are enough. If I can’t afford to visit four towns, I have no choice but to visit Badian and Malabuyoc. I’ll just reschedule my trip to Samboan and Santander some other time.

The BIG question is…

Is PHP 2000 budget would be enough for the entire trip? I still have to pay PHP 1000 room rental at Marine Sanctuary plus transportation and meal allowances for the entire trip.

If you guys know for a less expensive place where I can stay, please don’t hesitate to drop by your comments. Better yet, send me an email at laagannacebuana@gmail.com.

I would greatly appreciate it!


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