My own version of “It’s more fun in the Philippines”

In continuation of my previous post, you can read the instructions here on how you can create your own version of “It’s more fun in the Philippinesphotos. Before that, you may take a look at the photos below as my own version of describing how fun in the Philippines.

photo taken at Emperial Palace Resort
photo take at Hidden Beach Resort-Alegria Cebu
photo take at Sayaw Beach Resort-Barili Cebu
photo taken at Adventure Cafe-Balamban Cebu

There are two ways to create. First you can use More Fun Maker. Just upload the photo and automatically the font will be added. Then right click and select “Save Image” to save the photo in your PC for you to upload later on.

Another way is to download the Harabara font then insert the text using your prefered photo editor. However, I find this complicated as I don’t know how to use Photoshop at the same time I’m having difficulties inserting the text using my chosen photo editor. So, I used More Fun Maker to edit my photos.

You may download the Harabara font HERE.


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