Laag 03: Sayaw Beach (reposted and modified)

Barili is not only about Molave Milk Station the famous stop over in the South, as they offer home made dairy ice cream and refreshments made from fresh cow’s milk. It’s only about the Mantayupan Falls which is one of the tourist attractions in the town.

One can opt to check out the Sayaw Beach along the hi-way of Barili, Cebu. The name of the resort “Sayaw” was derived after from the waves that look’s like they’re dancing that’s why they called it Sayaw Beach.

You can rent cottages that would cost you around PHP 150-500 with an entrance fee of Php 20. It’s best that you’ll bring your own food because there’s no decent restaurant where you can eat. However, there’s a sari-sari store where you can buy your snacks.

It’s a white sand beach with a longer shoreline where you can lay down or build sand castle like I’ve always do.

However, they don’t have a decent restroom where you can use to take a bath or change cloths. We have to buy water for Php 5 per galoon for us to take a bath inside the abandoned house that can be found in the resort compound.

@ the abandoned house

How to get there?

Ride a bus or mini-bus at the South Bus Terminal going to Barili. Since the Sayaw Beach is located along the hi-way, it’s accessible which you can instruct the driver to drop you off at the gate of the beach.


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  1. laagannacebuana says:

    Thanks PhotoBotos and Elena for your appreciation on my blog post about Sayaw Beach ❤

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