Top 5 Seafood Spots in Cebu according to Jude Bacalso of Smile Magazine

After I’ve seen Sole Sister’s Facebook post as they were featured on Smile travel magazine, I downloaded the PDF version.

The February-March issue talks about Vietnam and Saigon Specials. Guess, what I’ve seen after browsing the file. It’s Jude Bacalso’s entry for Top 5 Seafood Spots in Cebu. Out of 5, I only knew one of them and that’s the “Larangan sa Pasil.”

I wanted to share this because not everyone can grab a copy of the magazine or download the file. With the help of the technology (through my blog), I would be able to spread the word that Cebu is not only about white beaches, fine dinning restaurant, or five stars hotels. There’s lot to look forward in this Queen City of the South.

Here they are:

Parr’t Ebelle

It’s located at Road 6 North Reclamation Area (across SM City Cebu). They offer wide array of menu that includes the Blue Marlin, Snake head (tasik), Rompe de Candado (Chevron Barracuda), Pugapo or Mamsa. In addition, their foods are serve in three ways- grilled, kinilaw, and tinola. For reservations and inquiries, you may call them at (032) 419-1611.

Kuya J

It used to be a garage then converted into a restaurant located at 0394 Orchid Street, Capitol Site, Cebu (near Provincial Capitol Bldg.) One of their best tasting menu is the Chili Tuna.

Pasil Wet Market

This is what I’m referring earlier. I remember that my high school friend keep on bragging about the delicious Larang in Pasil Wet Market. I never got the chance to visit and try their Larang though because of our conflict schedules. Larang are serve around 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM for only PHP 35/bowl.

Entoy’s Bakasihan

Another must try eatery is the Entoy’s Bakasikan located inBrgy. Buagsong Cordova Cebu. They’re open daily from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Aside from the Bakasi (tiger snake moray) which is their best selling, you can also order and try eating Kubutan (cuttle fish), Kiyampaw (stringay or pagi), Sa-ang (lambis or spider conch), prized Shellfish.

Liloan Weekend Wet Market

Last and not the least is the Liloan Wet Market. It is advisable that you visit the place before 7:00 AM so that you can catch those fresh Talaba (oysters) or sea weed salads like Guso. Just order your meal then look for available chairs as well as table and eat them using your bare hands. *Eating in bare hands are one of the reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines.

The wet market is located beside the Liloan City Hall.

How to grab a copy of the magazine?

You can have a copy if you’re traveling via Cebu Pacific Airlines or check out the digital copy HERE. However, you’ll need to register and sign in to your account in order to view the digital copy. You may also send me an email at to get the PDF version.

*Photos are the screenshot and taken by Cio Datan


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  1. Dennis says:

    Strongly suggest to take off Parr’t Ebelle from your list (an embarrassment!). Worse seafood ever, over-cooked & dry marlin which was recommended by a very deceitful ‘griller’ boy, soup too salty, poor service and questionable hygiene.

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