Featured Travel Destination: Baler, Aurora

If I’m not out alone or with my friends during my day off, you can find me in front of my mini. I actually spend my two days off in front of my netbook. I’ll surf the net, read e-books, download travel e-books specially the Smile Magazine, or make a composition of my next blog post.

Speaking of Smile Magazine, I just downloaded the August 2010 issue which talks about the province of Aurora. If I got the chance to travel around Luzon, I would definitely visit Baler in Aurora.

If not because of the movie Baler, I wouldn’t have known about this colonial town located in the eastern part of Luzon which is now the next surfing capital in the Philippines.

photo credit: screenshot of Smile Magazine E-book


On 1979, Baler used to be the backdrop for a scene in the movie Apocalypse Now. One of the scenes of the movie includes the surfing soldiers. The movie was wrapped up on 1977.

photo credit: screenshot of Smile Magazine E-book

Raul Tolentino found a discarded surfboard painted with black and red which is the same colors that were used on the movie. They rode the discarded surfboard everyday together with the other teenagers of Baler.

the original surfer dudes: Rodel Novicio, Erwin Belen, and Edwin Namoro

Where to stay in Baler? 

Aurora offers wide array of resorts and hotels which most of them are located in Baler. Below are some of the hotels and resorts where you can stay overnight for as low as PHP 300/night. Isn’t that cheap?

  • Amco Beach Resort (price range: PHP 400-500) can be reached at +63 (44) 552-4209
  • Angara’s Beach House (price range: PHP 300-500) with contact# +63 (42) 209-422

For the complete list, click HERE.

What to do in Aurora?

*Tip: Click each words below as it would take you the site that will show the list of places where you can do surfing, snorkeling, and sightseeing of their historical places.

How to get there?

You can access the province of Aurora in two routes via Manila (Canili-Pantabangan road and the Baler-Bongabon Road). It’s best that you’ll visit the province using public transportation as its not advisable that you’ll drive a private car due to the narrow at the same time zigzag roads.

From Manila, you can ride Genesis Bus going to Baler and bus fare would be around PHP 341.

You can also book a flight direct to Aurora via SEAIR around 8:00 AM from Manila to Baler then 9:30 AM from Baler to Manila.

For more information about the province of Aurora specially the town of Baler, click HERE.

To end this post, I have a trivia. Do you know that the Tagalog word for Surfing is SIRIT.


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