Thoughts: 28 Things!

UPDATE: I just accomplished two of the 28 things.. Stories, realization, and discovery are to be followed…

That horrible experienced during the 6.9 magnitude that recently happened in Cebu scared me to death specially the “tsunami scare” which I’m one of the victims who run endlessly until I felt that I’m safe from where I’m standing.

While I’m running, my mind are also busy thinking about the possibilities and some of them are just silly imagination which help me survive that “silly tsunami scare.” I remember that I was telling myself these “sus, mamatay nalang ko but wala pako nakaligo sa Boracay, maski sa Camotes Island man lang. Naa paman ta ko plano mo adto ug Siquijor (alone) on my birthday. Mo balik pako ug skwela intawn kay unsa-on nalang ug mahugno ang BPO industry asa nalang ko puniton being an undergraduate. Gusto pako mo travel abroad with my siblings.” Those are one of the million things that I was thinking about while I’m running together with hundreds of Cebuanos.

Before anything would happen again similar or worse than what I’ve experienced, I want to complete these 28 things that I would like to do before I’ll turn a year older and a year wiser in few months from now.

1. Get a new hairstyle

2. Forgive those who have sin against me

3. Have my ever first confession after 10 years since the last time I did this

4. Revisit Simala Shrine  accomplished on April 16, 2012

5. Visit the church in Santander

6. Visit the town of Samboan

7.Visit the town of Malabuyoc as it’s always mentioned by my high school teacher every time she gets mad that we can’t gave her the correct answer and she would often told us “gikan ka sa tribu malabuyoc mao di ka kahebaw sa answer?”

8. Try the homemade dairy products of Molave Milk Station in Barili

9. Visit the hometown of my grandmother in Car-Car City and meet our relatives

10. Go swimming with my high school friends and eat “changhay” (that’s how we pronounce the dimsum food “shanghai roll”

11. Loose weight coz travelers are sexy!

12. Buy a new back pack  accomplished on April 11, 2012

13. Have a picture taken inside the Cessna plane (a close friend is a retired Airforce Army and she promised me to tour around the camp

14. Go on a sunset cruise (attention Shai and Julie)

15. then Pizza food trip in Mbes (attention Shai and Julie again)

16. Do the via crucis alone at the different places where you can find life size Via Crucis statues

17. Do the Visita Iglisia in different old churches at the northern part of Cebu

18. Wander around Camotes Island

19. Have an article publish or featured on one of the travel magazines (I guess this is impossible)

20. Sun bathing in Lambog Beach

21. Try the zipline in Danao, Bohol

22. Stay overnight in Panglao Island

23. Buy more shorts and tank tops so it would be more comfortable to travel

24. buy a new pair of Havaianas or Ipanema slippers 🙂

25. Stay overnight in the mystic island of Siquijor

26. Out of town trip with my siblings

27. eat Manok bisaya in Dumanjog

28. Lastly, look for a Laagan na Cebuano or a travel buddy/boyfriend 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the writeup. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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