Featured Travel Destination: Iloilo

Cebu Pacific announced their Piso seat sale this morning just in time that I logged out from my facebook account. I immediately visited their website and booked a flight going to Boracay this June. If ever we will pursue the trip, I would like to have a quick stop at the city of Iloilo.

I got inspired to visit Iloilo after I read the Smile Magazine October 2011 issue which a shoestring traveler name Valerie toured around the town in 72 hours on a PHP 3000 budget.

Aside from that, Iloilo is nominated as one of the 7 new wonders cities in the world along with Cebu City and more others. If I’m not mistaken, it used to be the Queen City of the South before Cebu was hailed and own that title.

(photo credit: Smile Magazine) Iloilo City downtown area

I would like to visit the Hablon Textile Museum and the Farmer’s Museum located at the former municipal hall of Iloilo. Textile industry is one of their source of income which their city is known as the Textile Capital in the Philippines.

In addition, I would like to visit the old houses of the prominent clans and the   Jaro Cathedral where Graciano Lopez-Jaena was baptized.

Furthermore, I’d like to try one of Uncle Tom‘s specialties like their fried chicken, ribs, and steaks. It’s located E. Lopez street across the Montinola’s ancestral home. Not only that, I would also try the famous Queen siopao at Roberto’s.

A visit to the JM Basa street is part of my 24 hours itinerary. It’s a bargain shopping district that is surrounded with historical buildings that were built way back on 1930.

Of course, I will not miss the chance to taste the authentic La Paz Batchoy!

Now, I’m crossing my fingers and pray that I nothing will come along the way which would prevent me to try all those things.


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  1. laagannacebuana says:

    thank you, Elena 🙂

  2. some genuinely interesting info , well written and loosely user pleasant.

  3. Reblogged this on wanhandredwan.

    1. laagannacebuana says:

      thank you, Hanz. Definitely, I’ll go back to Iloilo soon as our group is dying to visit Guimaras Island. Hopefully, this time I’ll have more time to tour around.

  4. great post… got here becoz the City Mayor of Iloilo Jed Mabilog shared this link on facebook ;D

    1. laagannacebuana says:

      really?? Let me search his facebook profile.. 🙂

      Thanks Antoine! Send my regards to Mayor Jed Mabilog 🙂

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