Laag 24: The hospitable town of Ginatilan

A year ago, we were invited to celebrate the annual town fiesta of Ginatilan Cebu. It wasn’t my first time as I have visited the said town 3 years ago.

Ginatilan Cebu

Ginatilan Cebu is known to us as the hometown of Blessed Pedro Calungsod. What people don’t know is that Ginatilan is rich of heritage and culture.

Ginatilan Cebu

In this town, you can find the ancestral house of Ferolin that was built on 17th century and was used as the first Spanish school in Ginatilan. The Ancestral House of Ferrolin’s is well preserve and it is still being use of its descendants.

Inambacan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu

Inambcan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu

Another must see site in Ginatilan is the InambacanFalls. It’s located at the secluded part of the town. You can hire a motorcycle that could take you to the falls. Unlike the famous KawasanFalls, InambacanFalls is not commercialized and it’s not well developed yet. There are rumors though that the government has plans to develop the said falls where they would build cottages for tourist to stay.

Inambacan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu

To reach Inambacan Falls, hire a motorcycle once you reach the town proper of Ginatilan.

Ginatilan can be reach by PUB with Bato via Barili route (approximately P160-170 fare). Travel time would take 4-5 hours from the city. Accommodations and private resorts in Ginatilan are limited. If you plan to stay overnight, it’s best that you booked your reservation ahead of time. Among the resorts that you can stay are Shiratani (032-5161485) and Candawog LittleResort.

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