Beautiful Day at the Molave Farm

Unplanned trips are always the best.

We’ve waited for almost an hour, but no sight of a bus going to Ginatilan Cebu. The security guard of the drug store warned us that we might have difficulty catching a trip to Ginatilan. He advised us to check out Barili – the town next to Carcar City. 

Molave Milk Station Barili Cebu

We hired a tricycle to take us to Molave Milk Station – a popular bus stop for travelers going down south.

There’s a lot of improvements. They already increased their dairy ice cream to P25 from P15. There are couple of food stalls in addition to the farm’s canteen. And a new hang out place – where we stayed.


  • Take a bus going to Barili from the city proper. Informed the bus driver to drop you off at Molave Milk Station. It’s easy to spot the Molave Farm since its along the road.
  • Don’t expect fancy or gourmet foods.
  • There’s nothing much to do at the place aside from taking a break. Since its surrounded with trees, it’s a beautiful place to relax.
  • Read a book (just like I did) or talk to your friends.
  • No 3G or 4G connection either. But, you’ll find a better connection. 🙂

9 Comments Add yours

  1. I believe this website has got some real wonderful information for everyone : D.

  2. Mustachio says:

    Try their frozen yogurt when you get the chance 🙂

    1. laagannacebuana says:

      thanks for your suggestion.. I’ll definitely give it a try next week.. 🙂

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