Laag 27: Discovery and realizations in the Shoe Capital of Cebu


I have listed 28 things to do before I’ll turn 28. Yesterday, I accomplished three out of 28 things. Now, I have to complete the remaining 25 things before the expiry date :).

As usual, it was an unplanned trip or decision rather because I made up my mind when I already at the street walking around Osmena Boulevard.  Both of my travel buddies Julie and Shai are currently out of town for their Leyte escapade. I really wanted to go with them but for some reasons I have to set my priorities.

After I bought my own copy of the Station of the Cross booklet, I went directly to the south bus terminal and rode the 12 noon trip. After an hour, I arrived in the shoe capital of Cebu- Carcar City where most of my descendants (father side) came from. I crossed the other side of the street and walked around the public market, as I wanted to eat lechon for my lunch. Though you can find lechon vendors, but there’s no table and chair where I could settled and ate. So, I decided to have my lunch in Jollibee Carcar.

A tricycle was waiting for passengers and parked in front of the fast food chain. I asked for directions and he offered to take me to the St. Catherine Church. A walking distance from Jolibee, but I decided to ride as its too hot for me to walk (conscious of my skin color 🙂 ).

The first thing that catches my attention when I entered the church is the old interior design. The church ceiling is made of wood and painted. Paintings are started to fade so as the flooring. Few minutes, group of people went inside the church and followed those men that carried the coffin and placed it in front of the altar just in time for me to start my via crucis (way of the cross).  So, I decided to sit at the back of the church and wait until the mass ended.

While waiting for the mass to start, I noticed that church walls and foundation has “nitso” or tomb. At first I thought that those are the tomb of former church priests. Out of curiosity, I move closer to the wall and read what is written on the tomb. I’m surprised because the names written on the tomb does not say that its a remains of a former priest. It was indeed the remains of people which their family choose to bury their bones and body inside the church’s wall (scary huh?). It was the first time that I saw tomb inside the church. I won’t wonder that one of these days, their church will look like a cemetery. There must be a reason why they have to do that but I didn’t bother to ask. It makes me think that it’s true then that the church is the scariest and haunted place to stay instead of cemetery.

The mass has finally started and ended in less than an hour. I then started my via crucis while church maintenance team started to clean the area. While doing the station of the cross, I internalized and imagine what I was reading in the novena. Since I started to pray the holy rosary, it has been devotion for me to join my childhood friends and do the station of the cross. I don’t pay attention or mind what I’m reading, but doing the station of the cross alone I realized that what I’m doing before was a hypocrisy.

PS. I apologize for low picture quality as I’m using my phone’s camera in taking these pictures.




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