Laag 1: Holy Week in San Remigio

Since Holy Week is fast approaching. I’d like to ask how do you spend your Holy Week. Will you go out on a vacation with your friends? Celebrate the annual fiesta in Bantayan and watched the controversial bikini open?

In this post, I’d like to share my holy week experienced way back 2009. I already posted this in Blogger, but made some revisions.

Once upon a time, I’ve bitten by a travel bug. From then on, I travel from one town to another. I never mind those long road trips, dust, and stress as it’s worth the travel experienced.

Way back then, I wrote my personal travel stories on unused notebook. Thank you for the technology and the existence of bloggersphere, as I can share them now to the world.

Going back, I was mending a broken heart (three years ago) and traveling helps me a lot to recover.

With three of my girl friends, I then planned our trip to San Remigio which we spent our Black Saturday and Easter Sunday of 2009.

The town of San Remigio is known for having the longest shoreline in the province Of Cebu and one of the two municipalities in the entire country.

backdrop is the view of the Warren's Beach Resort

We took a bus going to the town of San Remigio from North Bus Terminal around 9:30 AM. Bus fare at that time was only PHP 90. We instructed the driver and his assistant to drop us off in the town proper of Cebu where we took another tricycle ride going to Warren’s Beach Resort.

There are lots of beach resorts in San Remigio including the San Remigio Beach Club which you can choose from. However, we choose Warren’s because they only have PHP 500 standard non-aircon room good for two persons.

We only made our reservation when we were already at the bus. Lucky for us as one of the standard rooms was still available. Nothing really special for this trip aside that it was my first time in San Remigio.

How to get there?

From Cebu City, you can ride a 01k or Urgello PUJ going to North Bus Terminal . Fare is around PHP 10. Once you get to the terminal, you can ask the locals which PUBS will go to San Remigio. Probably, it will cost you around PHP 100-150 for the bus fare. It will be 3-4 hours drive from the terminal.


Cultural Center Pension House (6332) 435-9028

Lingay Beach Resorts and Restaurant (6332) 435-9088

Casa del Mar Golf and Dive Hotel (6332) 435-2222

Elegant Beach Hotel (6332) 254-1601

Warren Beach Resort (6332) 435-9111

Hard Rock Resort (6332) 412-2887


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