Laag 30: Guindulman Bohol on a Postcard

Guindulman Bohol

Guindulman Bohol

I once read that Bohol is the hidden paradise in the Philippines. True enough, Bohol is now one of the most visited tourist destination in our country. Tagbilaran, Anda, Danao, and Carmen are the most visited municipality of Bohol. Others are not aware that on the way to Anda, one can do a quick stop at the Warren Beach – a public beach that can be found at the town of Guindulman at the eastern part of Bohol.

Guindulman Bohol

Warren Beach has become my favorite hangout place since I was child. I won’t let the day pass without swimming to the said public beach. Obviously, this beach is not famous as only the locals know about it. Besides, you have to walk few meters from the hi-way before you can reach this public beach.

Guindulman Bohol

It is known as bon-bon beach but later change to Warren Beach which I just found out when I went to Bohol a year ago for my aunt’s funeral. It has powdered white sand beach and crystal clear water. The beach has longer stretch shoreline which locals divided it into section which it has different names on each section.

Guindulman Bohol

The rocky side of the beach is called Lok-anan. It’s more secluded and perfect if you want some privacy. There are limited cottages though which is best if you bring a beach blanket or tent where you can put all your things.

The good thing about the place is that you can only spend less than P100 because tricycle fare is only P10-20 from the town proper of Guindulman. What I love the most is that how the place is so picturesque and how laidback as well as simple their lifestyle.  If you still have time to spend in Bohol, I would suggest that you drop by Warren Beach in Baranggay Basdio of Guindulman.


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