Kadaugan sa Mactan: A Priceless Experience (Part 2)


Week long Kadaugan sa Mactan celebration does not ends after the re-enactment. Later that night, Kadaugan Street Party  has started.

* Part 1 can be read here.

Kadaugan Street Party (Friday, April 27): Midnight Beer Run

Kadaugan Street Party was also held later that day along M.L Quezon Hi-way. Live bands were playing plus free disco offered by different radio stations in Cebu. However, one of the highlights of the street party was the “unique” Midnight Beer Run which it has been Councilor Harry Radaza’s idea. Instead of the usual fun run which water are being served to the runners, Harry came up the idea of using beer as substitute to water during the fun run.

Since it was unique and only in the Philippines, the crowd embraced Harry’s idea which there are more than 1,000 participants joined the first ever Midnight Beer Run. As the clock strikes at 12:00 Midnight, runners started running for 3k and 6k division and grabbed the chance to drink unlimited beers during the tournament. Of course, there are water stations that can be found at the other side of the street however, participants opt for beer.

Though I wasn’t there to witness the event, but my good friend Alexis who also participated the beer run shared her story and observation. According to her, that the whole M.L. Quezon Hi-way was so crowded that it’s similar to Sinulog.

She also shared that the first 1,000 participants to reach the finish line got the Midnight souvenir shirt.

Kadaugan Street Party (Saturday, April 28): Rampada

The finale of the long week celebration of Kadaugan sa Mactan was the Rampada. The concept of Rampada is similar to Brazil’s Rio Carnival. Men would surely won’t blink their eyes as they saw sexy ladies wearing skimpy costumes performing the samba dance along the M. L. Quezon Highway.

This year the Rampada is getting bigger and better. Bigger because there 14 participants from different barangays in Lapu-Lapu City plus better prices and performances.

Due to some commitments on that day, I wasn’t able to catch up the shuttle pick up in Ayala which I was stuck on the traffic and arrived late. When I got there, it was already contestant #12 who performs in front of the judges at the center stage.  M.L. Quezon Highway is no longer that crowded compared on last Friday night according to Alexis observation.

After the 14 participants performs in front of the center state, they parade their way while dancing Samba on the entire M.L. Quezon highway which their final performance will be at the 360 degrees stage in front of the Lapu-Lapu City Hall. As much as I wanted to wait a little longer and find out the winners, but I was too tired and sleepy. I have no choice but to leave since I still have to report to my full time job on the following day.

You don’t have to worry though because I’ll update this blog once I have the official list of winners of the Rampada.

For me, the real kadaguan sa mactan does not ends after Lapu-Lapu defeated Magellan. It still continues up to now as this small island of Cebu has become progressive. The number of first class hotel and resorts are booming and not to forget the investors that are keep on growing every year which gives job opportunities not only to Oponians but also to all Cebuanos.

I’m grateful to the Lapu-Lapu City Officials, event organizers especially Ralph Gonzales of JY Gonzales and staff as they have given me a VIP access to watch the show. Kadaugan sa Mactan 2012 is a memorable and priceless experienced that I have in my blogging career.


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