Laag 31: Memoirs of Alcoy

Warning: nothing really special about this trip and I’m just being emotional. 🙂 Kidding aside, this trip is a result when boredom strikes us and when you are just being nostalgic.

Oh summer, that’s the time when I get reunited with my career oriented pal – Alexis. She’s been complaining, I mean both of us were complaining how boring our weekends. Friends at work don’t have plans to go on out of town trip because their saving their funds for the finale of our summer which it will be in Boracay!

Not that our weekends are boring,  but I’m also stress at work and being nostalgic for things that I can’t help to think. Oh well.

Despite how “limited” our budget are, we still pursue the plan to camp in Tingko Beach as I’m thinking that it is still free just like before. We only have to spare money for bus fare and food.

How we got there and what was the surprised that interrupted our dinner?

Since our budgets are limited, we choose to ride Sunrays bus as the bus fare (P120 aircon) was cheaper compare to Ceres. It was an almost 3 hour drive from the city, and we arrived almost 6 PM. After we set up our tent and start eating our early dinner, someone interrupted our juicy conversation. She introduced herself as the tenant. I’m surprised as we have to pay P300 for camping at the shoreline. It used to be for free.

What are the things that you can do in TingkoBeach?

At night, nothing would entertain you since most of the videoke houses located at the beach are closed not unless you will stay at the resort. So what you can do?

–   drink all you can

–    play acoustic music using a guitar if someone know how to play it

–     catch up with your friends

–   star gazing

You can also do what we did – sleep early and enjoyed the sound of the waves as it sounds like a lullaby in our ears. Actually, we have this list on what to do but none of them did happen. We were both exhausted and fell as sleep as early as 9 PM.

The Experienced

If the waves sound like a lullaby in our ears at night, it sounds like a full volume radio coming from our neighborhood the next day. It wake us up and we were still puzzled where we were. It took seconds before we could recognized that we were not in our respective houses.

The sun was already up when we decided to go out from the tent and start cooking our breakfast. Store owners also started opening their store and played loud music coming from their videoke machines. It was like a battle of videoke songs.

I considered it as one of those sleep over that we had in the past but this time we have traveled a bit further and sleep uncomfortably inside the tent instead of sleeping on comfortable mattresses. You may called it a waste of time or money as obviously we just went there to cure our boredom. At the back of my mine, I considered it as another milestone experienced. You know .. the overused word.. “letting go.” 🙂


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