Cheapest Way to Reach Mactan Cebu Airport

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I don’t know with you, but it doesn’t make sense for me to pay P300 for a taxi fare. Like a true budget traveler, you’ll need to find ways to save from your plane ticket down to your fare in getting around the town. Glad that I’ve found this cheapest way to travel to Mactan Cebu International Airport.

cheapest way to reach mactan cebu

Ride a multicab (PUJ) bound for MCIAA in Marina Mall infront of Islands Souvenir store. The earliest trip going to the airport is at 6am. Fare is only P7 or depending on what’s the current PUJ minimum fare.

From the downtown of Cebu (Colon St.), you can ride a PUJ going to Park Mall. Then transfer to another PUJ bound for Pusok. Tell the driver to drop you off in Marina Mall. Walk your way to the airport PUJ terminal.

If you’re in Lapu Lapu City vicinity, airport PUJs will pass by Opon mercado and Gaisano Island Mall. Just take a tricycle or PUJ that would take you either  ofthose said pick up point.

There you have it! You’ve saved around PHP 240 pesos taxi fare going to the airport.


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  1. Ephraim says:

    Wow! Na-feature agad. So glad you made a post about this, so I’ll never forget. Thank you! I noticed the changes here in your site too, great! It’s so nice to meet you and your friends! 🙂

  2. glen says:

    Hi! Tnx a lot my dear. We came fr cebu last sunday and it was d first time we reached there by means of puj. We took taxi b4 because we didnt know the way but with ur blog, we couldn’t believe we made it. We availed plane promo 199php and we thought it’s a waste of money to pay around 300 for a taxi more expensive than a plane. Tnx much we saved money because of ur blog. More power n God bless!!

    1. Kareen S. says:

      Hi Glen!

      I’m happy that this simple blog post was able to help you. Glad to know that you’ve save a lot. 🙂

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