Featured Travel Story: Random Road Trip of Red Yumang

Red Yumang shared his story about his random road trip to Camotes Island. He’s a fellow member and our newly elected Chairman for Corporate Affairs of the prestigious blogging group- Cebu Bloggers Society.

Red is the man behind the food and gardening blog-Cook My Garden. Despite his busy and hectic schedules, Red find time to travel. Visit his blog HERE as he will upload his pictures and his food discoveries… soon.

I received his private message asking for my recommendation where he and his companion can stay, but it was already too late for me to provide my suggestions since he was already out on a road trip when I read his message. When he got back from the trip, he shared his story which I was so envious of their “impulsive” adventure. I’ve decided to share his story to inspire others to travel and take the risk. You’ll never know what you’ve discover not unless you’ll go out and travel.

Here’s his travel story that was shared to me via Facebook private message:

Guess what, you wouldnt believe me I just did it. Right after office last Tuesday, me and a friend drove down north without any plans at all, nor a map, or something else. That moment I told myself to enjoy randomness and free my mind from any unwanted concerns, afterall I need to distress from work.

First stop is Gaisano Island Mall (since I met a client in Mactan) for that Magnum craze and to buy a sun tan lotion. I tried magnum for the first time. Next stop was co-jordan since I was craving for fresh oysters and sinugbang tilapia. We spared the honeyed lambanog from bee farm since we still have to drive for hours on that night.

We decided to stay in Danao for a sleep over. However along the way, we noticed the Danao Wharf still lit at 8:30 in the evening. Again, random stuff, we drove there and inquired if there will be any trips by early morning. the funny thing was, the roro is about to leave at 9:00pm!

After we asked bout how much would a car cost, we did not thought twice. We bought tickets and off we drive inside roro for Camotes! We arrived in Consuleo San Francisco beyond 12 midnight because we left Danao passed 10pm coz we waited for the sea level to rise up and ease down the vessel in the wharf.

Hahaha, imagine we were driving in Camotes Island alas dose sa tungang gabii! (Imagine, we were driving around Camotes Island at 12 midnight). We dont have any maps. We dont have any persons to ask for direction. That was my second time in Camotes, and it has been 3 years ago! We headed for Mangodlong, and later we found out we were almost near the San Francisco town….total opposite direction! So, we drove back and carefully read directions. The road was in total silence; lighlty lit by moonlight. We passed through the woods….eerie!

We reached Magodlong but later decided to go further to Santiago since we are looking for some cheap overnight rooms. The best ang show coz when we arrived there, good timing indeed, Santiago is celebrating their town fiesta! We arrived 2:00am and felt the civilization because of the loud disco and the bay was full of visitors! hahahaha Timing kaayo, in the end fully-booked tanan so we decided to go back to Mangodlong! 

We took our rest by 3:00am. We capped off the day with a lambanog treat at the seaside, enjoying the calmness of the morning and the stillness of the place. And we started our camotes trip 3 hours later….

To cut the story short, nalibot namo ang tibook camotes for the first time in just 24 hours.

One thing to note, can you imagine the three of us (me, my partner and a dearest friend from hongkong) travelling down the secluded island at twelve midnight unya among topic along the way kay horror movies?…..hehehehe, we remembered the good old shake rattle and roll movies during our childhood…..very kewl.

* By reading his story, one can tell that Red had a blast. You can felt his excitement and relate to the horror movies which is the best topic you can discuss while you’re on the road.

To Red, thank you for your permission to publish your story. This has ignited my desire to visit Camotes>>>soon.


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