Laag 32: Mantayupan Falls

Usually, I would spend my birthday with my close friends and family. It’s either we would dine out or travel out of town. This year, I wanted a simple celebration.

My planned was to climb the O-peak then stay overnight at the southwest side of Cebu. Probably, in Badian, Barili, or Moalboal. Those were my choices. Thinking of going solo is kinda interesting but then I realized that I should bring a companion with me. I remember that Adventist Adventurer wanted to visit Barili and Moalboal. So, I tag him along with me.

We ride a bus going to Barili (fare: PHP75) and arrived around 9:00 AM in Shamrock, Barili branch. We waited for Ephraim’s cousin then went to the public market where we’ve bought some for food for breakfast then went to his cousin’s place.

Around 10 AM, we leave her place and took habal2x ride (fare: 20 one way) going to Mantayupan Falls. This falls is formerly known as Ambakan. It is currently managed by CAMPCO a baranggay cooperative. Through the efforts of the cooperative and Brgy. Captain Rolando Jimenez they started the rehabilitation of the falls on 2002.

Currently, this falls is use to supply hydro-electricity which visiting hours is only until 6:00 PM. An entrance fee is collected upon entry of the vicinity. They also have rooms where you can stay overnight for only PHP 1000 good for two, but it can accomodate up to 10 persons. You just have to add PHP 200 for each extra matress.

According to my researched, no one dared to swim this highest falls of Cebu before due to folk tales and it’s just an ordinary falls for the locals. However, none were reported died due to the superficial beliefs and there are only three who died due to accident.

Going back to my experienced. There were already some guest at the main falls who were also there to enjoy the cold water coming from the falls. It’s one of the best place where you can hide. Tables and chairs are also available that can be rented for around 150-250 pesos.

If you’re thinking about doing some diving, forget about it since it’s not allowed. Also, there are slippery rocks around the area as well as the bottom of the basin. It’s hard to tell which part has rocks and which part is muddy. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy swimming at the falls, as I struggled my way going to the middle of the water basin where I can swim due to those slippery rocks.

Despite of that, I still enjoyed the experienced. It’s a place where I can go for picnik and relax with friends as well as my family. My mission to have a better memories in Barili was accomplished.

Up next on Birthday on the Road series: Laag 33: Sayaw Beach Revisited


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ephraim Arriesgado says:

    Thank you for tagging me! It was an unforgettable trip for me too! The experience was great and memorable. It was a wonderful idea too to travel on your birthday!

  2. Paz says:

    Visited Mantayupan falls about 30 yrs ago and the “pool” area was bigger then,,,,, but hopefully I can see it again.

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