Laag 34: Dive Pescador!

Dive Pescador! Those are the words that I would often see printed on souvenir shirts from Moalboal.

So what is Dive Pescador? 

Pescador is an island located in the municipality of Moalboal at the southern part of Cebu. It is called Dive Pescador because it’s famous and favorite diving spot in the Philippines due to thousands of species living under the water. Not to mention that it’s also famous due to the school of sardines report.

How I got there?

My grade school friends invited me for a mini reunion at the rest house own by one of my classmates in grade school. While left South Bus Terminal around lunch time and arrive late in the afternoon just in time for us to catch the beautiful sunset in Moalboal.

Since it’s a mini reunion, what can you expect? Overflowing of beers, sharing laughter, and old stories during grade school years are the main agenda of the night. The idea of going to Pescador Island was brought up while we are waiting for the sunset. One of my good friend suggested that we should check out Pescador Island since we were already in Moalboal.

The next day, the first thing that I did after eating breakfast was to approach the locals and inquires about the rates for PescadorIsland tour. It would cost P2000 for the entire trip which includes pump boat that can accommodate up to 20 persons. We were able to bring down the price and made it to P1800 for PescadorIsland with a side trip to the fish sanctuary. Rates for fish sanctuary are actually separate from Pescador tour. It will cost you P1200 and it already include P50 entrance fee. While our P1800 package tour does not include the P50 entrance fee. Nevertheless, we were still able to save a lot for the island tour.

The Experience

Going to Pescador Island is just one of the great things that happened. I’m glad that I’ve changed my plans and decided not to pursue my plan to revisit Moalboal at the day that I celebrated my natal day. Of course, I enjoyed Ephraim’s company during our trip to Barili, but the experience is more memorable when I’m with people that I have grown up with.

Who would have thought that we could set foot to Pescador Island when before our adventure trips are mostly within our baranggay were we would discover places that excite us. Oh, did I tell that it brings back old memories when were we young and restless.

Basak Community School Batch 1996-1997
(L-R: Aries, Jade, Lincoln, Arlene, Me, Fernando, Jennifer, Janelle, Bryan, Melfros, and Mark Gil)

Note: I have compiled the video that I took during our trip to Pescador Island which you may watch it here.

Photo credits: Janelle Paula Borong and Jennifer Bringuela


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  1. Very nice underwater pics.

    1. hinuwaman ra ang underwater cam.. hehehe..

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