Laag 36: Iloilo City – Delicacies, Church, and More

This is the continuation of my 24 hours stay in Iloilo City. Part of traveling is to try the local foods. I asked some suggestions from the receptionist. They’ve mentioned “Vila” (I’m not sure if its right) and “Dapli Restaurant.”We choose Dapli as its walking distant from our location.

the crowd of Dapli Restaurant during dinner time

Dapli Restaurant is located at La Salette Building across SM Delgado. In my opinion, it’s a combination of an air conditioned carederia and fast food chain. Foods were already cooked and displayed at the counter. Scallops, lechon kawali, back ribs, Nylon Shells, Crab Meat, Crabs, and Talaba are among of the dishes that are part of their dinner menu. They also served breakfast and budget meals  for only PHP 69.

On the following day, we had our breakfast in Deco’s La Paz Batchoy. It’s located at La Salette the same building were Dapli Restaurant is located. Their business hours are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

I can’t help, but compare Deco’s withTed’s La Paz Batchoy since I’ve also tasted their batchoy too at their branch in Cebu. I still find Ted’s batchoy delicious over Deco’s. Both batchoy houses have similar prices though.  I would suggest that you try their batchoy from these batchoy houses so you can decide and tell which is more delicious.

Cashier’s counter inside the Original Biscocho House

When shopping for “pasalubong,” the Original Biscocho House is  famous for Iloilo’s local delicacies. Obviously, they have Biscocho, my favorite Ginger bread, Bukayo, and a lot more. Prices are between Php 30-55. You have the option to pack those delicacies using their boxes or plastic bags. Original Biscocho House store and stalls can be found all over Iloilo City.

Shai and I stared our Day 2 by visiting Jaro Cathedral. Ride a jeepney with Jaro signboard and we reached our destination after more or less 20 minutes PUJ ride.

It’s so easy to locate Jaro Cathedral because of the plaza “park” which is similar to the Fuente Osmena Rotonda in Cebu.

The Gazebo inside the Jaro Park

At first, we were hesitant if it was the Jaro Church. I expected and pictured out an old church. I set aside my hesitations and just checked out the cathedral in front of us.

the famous Jaro Cathedral

An old image of Nuestra Senora dela Calendaria that is made of stones can be found at the roof top of the cathedral. We tried to took pictures of her, but I guess she doesn’t want to have her picture taken.

On September 21, 1982, Pope John Paul II proclaimed Nuestra Senora dela Calendaria as Patroness of Western Visayas.

Another Iloilo’s landmark is the old bell tower which is located right across of the metropolitan cathedral. The bell tower’s location is kinda unique because its located between the busy street of Jaro.

Our last day in Iloilo has ended in SM City where we stayed the whole afternoon waiting for our flight back to Cebu. SM City is one of the places that you should also visit when you’re in Iloilo. It’s not quiet big compare to the other malls that you can find nationwide, but it’s less crowded compare to the other SM malls. From SM, you can ride a V-hire that would take you directly to the airport. It’s less expensive compare to taxi. V-hire fare is only PHP 70.

inside the airport waiting for my flight back to Cebu

Now, Iloilo is no longer part of the places that I want to visit that I’ve mentioned HERE. Instead, it’s one of the places that I’ve conquered. ♥


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