Four Travel Tips When Traveling with your Pals


Most of the time I travel on a group and it’s just late last year that I dared to travel alone. On rare occasion, I also traveled with people that I just meet.

Traveling with your friends is such an awesome experience however, there are things that we should remember to make it or more memorable. I’m sharing you these personal tips that I’ve mastered all these years.

1. Inform your group about your itinerary

Before your trips, it’s best that you’ll inform the whole group about your plans for the entire trip. In that way, they will have an idea on what you’re going to do when you get to your destination. Also, this would give them the chance to suggest if there’s any that they’d like to add.

2. Budget

Let the whole group know the estimated budget and how much each one of you will contribute. As much as possible, give them details of each expenses. If you’re traveling more than 24 hours, inform them every day  how much your expenses are. Money is a hot issue that could possibly ruin the entire trip.

In my case, I have listed all our expenses and explained to them how much we have spent and how much they would be paying. My old Palm organizer and daily planner were so helpful as I’ve listed everything there.

3. Compromise

If one of your travel buddies doesn’t want to try the activities that you’ve plan for that day, let them do the things that they want to do. Don’t insist or force them to avoid arguments.  Traveling on a group, doesn’t mean that you’ll be doing all together the things that you’ve listed. Schedule your individual or group activities then decide to meet somewhere after your activities.

Like what happened on my trip to Boracay, which we decided to separate from the group since Shai and Peddie doesn’t want to try the Paraw Sailing again.

4. Assign a task each one of you

This is what I usually do when I travel in a group. We would assign a task for each other. For example, someone is responsible for the budgeting, while someone is assign for the food, the others are assign to do other things. In this way, no one would blame or complaint rather they she/he had done the entire task while others  enjoyed being a sitting pretty. 

How about you? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Share and post them at the comment box below.


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