Laag 37: Bacolod City

You know that I’ve always wanted to find time to travel when I have the chance and of course money. Since I don’t have plans for this month, I’ve decided to check out Bacolod City though my colleagues convinced me to wait for Maskara Festival. Stubborn as I am, I still pursued my plan.

How to get there from Cebu?

Though there are many ways on how you can reach Bacolod City from Cebu, but I choose to travel via Toledo – Don Benedicto route as per advised by Lawrence. According to him, this route is shorter compare to the other bus routes.

You can ride a direct trip going to Bacolod from North Bus Terminal (Php 350 fare). From Toledo, you’ll be advised to transfer to Roro which your P350 bus fare does not include Roro fare (P190 economy or the cheapest fare). Roro trip will take almost 2 hours which it will dock at the port of San Carlos City. Another 2 hours trip going to Bacolod from San Carlos City.  More or less the trip took me 6 hours from north bus terminal where I ride a Ceres Bus that went directly to Bacolod.


Looking for a place to stay is one of the things that stress me a lot when traveling. I’m glad that Ong Bun has another branch in Bacolod City. Apart from Ong Bun, there are lots of pension houses that offer less than P1000 room rate. Among of them, Ong Bun has the perfect location for me coz everything is a walking distance – SM City, Country Chicken, San Diego Cathedral, City Hall, and 24 hours food chains are among of the establishments that I can walk for less than 10 minutes.

Their single standard rooms start at Php 350 only, but only three rooms are available. It’s best that you’ll make a reservation before going to Ong Bun.

What I did in BacolodCity?

  • Gastronomic Adventure at Country Chicken and Calea Cafe

After I settled my things, I had my late breakfast/lunch and early dinner at the country chicken which it’s known for the best chicken inasal. Then, I went to Robinsons Mall for desserts at Calea Café. It’s one of the recommended food establishments based on the blogs that I’ve read. True indeed, their cakes taste good but they have poor customer service.

I also checked out their capitol building that looks similar to the capitol building in Cebu. From Robinsons Mall, I ride a PUJ going to the downtown area since it will pass at the capitol building.

On day 2, I woke up early to check out The Ruins in Talisay, Bacolod. From McDonald’s branch located across the capitol, I ride a PUJ that will take me to Pepsi Plantation. From there, I transferred and rode a trike going to The Ruins.

I don’t have any idea of The Ruins not until I saw a picture of my former operations manager. I was amazed as I listened to the The Ruins staff recalled the history of Don Mariano’s mansion house.


Don Mariano built this mansion in honor of his wife Dona Maria. Another thing that amazes me is that they used “egg yolks” instead of water which you can feel the smoothness of the mansion’s wall as you run your hands to it. He has 10 children which he only allowed 8 out of his 10 children to live with him coz his other two siblings were already married when he built his mansion. Don Mariano’s gardener betrayed him and informed Japanese soldiers about his mansion during the World War II.

The Experience

Though I didn’t spend that much time roaming around the city, but I still enjoyed those short walks going to the church or at the plaza. I thought that Bacolod is all about Maskara Festival or Mambukal Falls and this city is boring. I was wrong then coz boring is just an attitude. I don’t understand why people from Bacolod would say that their city is boring that there’s nothing much to see. Aren’t they fascinated with the ruin mansion of Don Mariano? What about the less traffic compared to other progressive cities? In my three days stay in this quiet city, I realized that it can be my second home.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Clark says:

    Beautiful photographs!!

    1. Laagan na Cebuana says:

      thank for appreciating my photos! 🙂

  2. Sheena Bree says:

    It was just last year when I and my Tita Pet celebrated our birthdays at The Ruins. It was a “Bring-Your-Own-Baon” get together with all other singles friends. Though we were charged for a corkage fee, we were still happy eating at the newly built picnic huts few steps away from the skeleton building. Facilities are indeed improving from year to year. Aside from birthdays, The Ruins is also a good venue for weddings and reunions. Just don’t forget to bring your fully-charged cameras.

    Reminiscing The Ruins –

    1. Laagan na Cebuana says:

      Hi Sheena!

      Yay for picnic! I love picnic! I totally agree The Ruins is a perfect place to celebrate life milestones. 🙂

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