Laag 38: Lambug Beach

It has been five months since I traveled in solo and two months since I have been idled. I never keep it a secret in fact I’m trying to explain to my dear readers why I can’t go on a trip for these past couple of months. I can’t explain in words my excitement when I found out that last weekend I don’t have scheduled events to attend to.

my favorite place when traveling down the south – a glimpse of Sayaw Beach from the hi-way

To make the long story short, I pack my back and go on a solo road trip. It was a now or never decision because as I have limited funds with lots of time to travel. I even asked my self why I can’t have both money and time. I was reminded by Anita the facebook horoscope application that I can’t have everything in life.

The original plan is to revisit Ginatilan but made a last minute decision. Instead, I went to Lambug Beach in Badian. This place is never new to me coz way back in 2002 my good friend already visited this public beach. It’s been a while since I asked my friends to go on a camping in this public area but none of them cared to join me (how sad).

How to get there?

From south bus terminal, you can ride a Barili via Bato bus or the Librando bus. Fare for non-aircon bus is P117 which you can tell the driver to drop you off at the corner on the way to Cebu International Gold and resort. There are trikes that can take you to the public beach since its 4-5 kilometers from the hi-way. In my case, I dropped off on the public market to grabbed a lunch and ride a trike going to the beach. Since trikes going to Lambug are limited, you can ask the driver’s number to instruct him to pick you up.

The Beach

As they say, good things in life are comes for free but sometimes you have pay for bus fare in order to experience the good things in life.

The beach is similar to Tingko in Alcoy and Basdaku in Moalboal. According to the locals, it’s the little Boracay in Badian. For me it’s not really little Boracay, but it’s much better compare to Tingko and Basdaku. Why? Let me enumerate my reasons:

  1. it’s less crowded as people usually prefer Basdaku and Tingko
  2. the sand are more fine compare to Basdaku which its compose of sand and pebbles
  3. no entrance FEE
  4. you can camp anywhere in the beach and just pay P50 while it cost P300 to camp in Tingko and P500 in Moalboal
  5. as for the security, there are barangay tanods that would roam around the area
  6. locals are friendly especially the lady who owns the sari-sari store located at the right side corner near the entrance
  • I suggest that you camp near of the cottages since there’s electricity at the same time you can call the attention of the owners right away if there’s an emergency.
  • Videoke machines are also available to entertain you which I had a great time listening to the songs that were played and sang by locals even those “badoy” ones.

The Experience

Last minute plans are indeed the best travel experience. The entire trip makes me realized how much I missed traveling in solo. I love the freedom, the peace that I’ve been longing for, and the feeling of being independent.

If you guys looking for a new beach where you can have a team building or simply want to escape the city life, LNC recommends Lambug Beach. Remember, take nothing but pictures.

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Ephraim says:

    I have noted this beach, but I didn’t had the time to explore it during my 2 days backpacking trip around Southern Cebu.. Soon, maybe!

  2. andak2008 says:

    nice…i have been to Tingko once..and when i was younger, i was more adventurous going solo flight but nowadays i love to drag one of my kids…This is definitely on my next to visit list…thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by. It’s good to know that you now travel with your kids instead of doing it solo. 🙂

      Your kids would definitely love this beach.

  3. Am planning to start my lil “Discovering Cebu Itinerary” next month. And this goes to the list!

    And I quote: “As they say, good things in life are comes for free but sometimes you have pay for bus fare in order to experience the good things in life.” 😀

    1. Hi Kath! Thank you for sharing this post. Saw it sa Facebook 🙂

      Good to know that you’ll start your Cebu discovery any time soon. Enjoy!

  4. Kyshia Lausa says:

    Hi would like to ask f sino may contact number doon sa lambug beach? We have team building kasi and would like to ask po f magkanu yong cottage good for 70 – 80 persons thank u po

    1. Kareen S. says:

      Hi Kyshia!

      Grandeur Beach Resort: +63926-2789880 or Magic Beach Resort +63915-458-6637 or +63926-1205042.

      Hope that helps.

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