Food: Spicy Boneless Lechon – Where to find it in Cebu?

Cebu is known for having the best lechon (roasted pig). People will then run down the names of lechon houses that serve delicious roasted pig and one of them is Ayer Lechon.

Ayer’s Special Lechon invited the Cebu Bloggers Society for a lunch at one of their branches located in Salinas Drive Lahug. We feel so special as they have closed their restaurant to make it exclusive for the members of CBSi. Plus, they let us use it as our venue for monthly Board of Trustees Meeting.

Ayer Lechon has been operating for three years which they are known for their best native lechon (roasted pig). Slowly, it gain popularity from the word of the mouth and satisfied loyal customers. You can’t say that your business is successful not unless you will branch out. Ayer’s is proud to say that their business is successful as they have opened 5 branches within Cebu since their opening way back in 2009. Plus, their roasted pigs are now being exported abroad and even cater deliveries outside Cebu.

Spicy Boneless Lechon

Aside from their native roasted pig cooked in a traditional way, the management is please to announce that they already serve spicy boneless lechon as an addition to their menu. I already tasted spicy boneless lechon from another suppliers but I find Ayer’s spicy boneless lechon spiciest compare to the other supplier that I’ve tasted. In fact, I enjoyed eating the spicy boneless lechon compare to the original flavored roasted pig. Prices may kinda stiff coz it will cost you around P560/kilo for the spicy lechon.

Kimchi – the famous Korean dish

Not only that they serve spicy boneless lechon, they also serve Kimchi together with their roasted pig. I bet that you’ll wonder why they serve Kimchi when in fact that most of their dishes are native Filipino food.

According to the management, the owner of Ayer Lechon has lots of Korean friends and most of their foreign customers are Korean. Koreans love the roasted pig and Kimchi combination.

Other dishes

The owner make sure that they have utilize all the body parts of the pig which they also serve baby back ribs using the ribs of the boneless lechon, dinuguan which I gave two thumbs up for it, prichon – fried lechon, liver afritada, bopis, and a lot more.

As mentioned earlier, they have five branches that you can choose from – Salinas Drive Lahug, SM City Cebu, SM Consolacion Food Court, i2 Bldg (on top of Starbucks) IT Park Lahug, and their main branch located in gate 777 across Cebu Country Club Banilad Road Apas Lahug Cebu.


Since everything works online, Ayer’s has launch their website which you can make your reservations or place an order. You may also call 032-231-7615, 032-268-0327, and +63922-8268-133. They also have Facebook page.

Though there are lots of lechon suppliers in the world, but nothing beats Cebu’s lechon. The number of suppliers base in Cebu are growing which helps boast the tourism of the city.


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