Laag 39: An Escape to Daan Bantayan

Horray for work free weekend! I’m always looking forward for weekends that I don’t have much work to do, no meet ups with co-bloggers, and no scheduled hang outs with friends. It means that I have time to travel and even update my blog.

After exchange of emails, I found myself traveling to the last frontier of Cebu – Daan Bantayan. To make the long story short, Ron Perry the owner of Virgin Beach Resort granted me a FREE overnight stay on his resort.

How to get there?

Make sure that the bus going to Daan Bantayan will pass Sittio Suba even if it has via Bogo-Maya sign board. Otherwise, you’ll experienced what I’ve experienced which I lost and have to pay P70 trike fare from Daan Bantayan new public market to the corner of Virgin Beach Resort. I could have texted/called the resort and asked for pick up but my fault as I forgot to save their number.

You can ride habal2x (mortorcycle) from the corner of Sitio Suba going to Virgin Beach Resort with P20/person fare. If you’re an adventurous person like me, you can hike the almost 1 kilometer distance from the hi-way. You won’t get lost because there are signs that you can find along the road so make sure to follow those signs.

The Resort

It’s a 2 hectares resort with 5 feet deep swimming pool. It doesn’t have a white sand beach or a shoreline. However, you will enjoy the peaceful ambiance and secluded location which it’s perfect if all you wanted is to unwind and relax.

Accommodations are quiet reasonable from barkada lodge for only Php 300/ person to deluxe cottages that cost Php 2, 500/night. You’re allowed to cook your own food or order from their wide array of menu.

I’ve read various reviews which they find the resort boring. Based on my observation, the resort concept is like a vacation house. From very laidback lifestyle of the town then down to the simplicty of the resort decorations, it is indeed a vacation house that you’d like to have in any of the sleepy towns – away from traffic, noise, and chaos. For me who loves zen living, I find it a perfect getaway.

If you have questions or would like to do reservations, please do visit their website at or send an email to

The Experienced

I enjoyed my stay and don’t want to go home yet if not because of work the next day. It’s the kind of life you wanted in a secluded place which it’s literally away from the high way and you can only hear the sound of the crickets at night. You’ll wake up the next morning enjoying the sunrise as you breath “fresh air” – things that I can’t afford to have in my place.

I’m glad that I pursue my plan despite my hesitations and disappointment that “someone” declined my invitation for the second time around. I guess I should get use to traveling in solo.


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