Photo Diary: Instagram + Travel

Last quarter of the year is the busiest time for me. You’re required to go overtime by your day time job while you would also work on your part time job when you got at home. Events are left and right which sometime I’m confuses which I would prioritize. However, I’m still happy that I’m able to squeeze traveling and blogging on my tight schedule.

I would like to update my travel blog everyday if time permits me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.  Thanks to Instagram though as I could do short photo blogging which I can tell people “Hey, Laagan na Cebuana” is still alive. So, I’m sharing you some of these random photos that I took while I was on the road. Of course, Don’t forget to follow “laagannacebuana” on Instagram.

Taken at Bus stop somewhere in Carmen on my way to Daan Bantayan

swimming pool of Virgin Beach Resort Cebu in Daan Bantayan

inside the ferry boat on my way to Lapu-Lapu City

Harbor view of Pier 3 on my way to Lapu-Lapu City via ferry boat

Just another solo adventure/mini picnic at the Lambug Beach, Badian

busy street of Moalboal

another random pictures taken at the deserted street of Dumanjug

the famous bus stop in Barili -Shamrock

Carcar City Rotonda

an ampaw vendor – famous Carcar City delicacy


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  1. Don’t forget Kawasan Falls 🙂
    In case anyone wants to stay overnight, there’s an updated/recent room rates (as of Septemeber 2013) found at the bottom:

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