Laag 29: Your One Day Itinerary in Argao

Argao is the town next to Sibonga which it’s famous for the best tasting torta and white sand beaches. Since I’ve been to this place for couple of times, I’ve decided to compile my itineraries to make it a one day tour.

How to get there?

From south bus terminal, you can ride a PUB going directly to Argao. You can also ride PUJ from CarcarCity or Sibonga. I sugest that you catch the 5:00 AM trip as travel time is 2-3 hours and fare is less than P100.

Alex Cafe

Have your breakfast at Alex Café.  They serve various Filipino Foods, and it’s located few meters before you’ll reach St. Michael Archangel church of Argao and walking distance from the town proper.

St. Michael Archangel church of Argao and town’s plaza

After your breakfast, I suggest that you walk to the church. The church architectural design is similar to the San Guillermo de Aquitania Church in Dalaguete. It’s one of those old churches in the Philippines that were built during the Spanish Era.

Within the church compound, you can also find the town’s plaza as well as the two storey buildings made of riverstone that are us municipal hall and court of justice.

Argao Nature Park

You can ride a tricycle going to the nature park. It’s the best place to relax especially if you’re on a tight budget as you only have to pay P5 entrance fee. Cottages are for free that you can use for picnic or simply enjoying the nature. They also offer zip line or have a massage from blind masseur.


1 kilometer away from the hi-way of Brgy. Poblacion, you can find the only authentic castle – the Riverstone Castle of Argao Cebu. Once you entered the castle, it brings you back to your childhood days when you watch those Disney movies like Rapunzel. It’s perfect for the whole family especially those kids and young at heart.

Going to the castle, you can hire a habal2x (mortocycle) or a tricycle. Fare is only PHP 15-20 (one way). An entrance fee of PHP 40 will be collected upon entry. Also, there are rooms available for overnight stay which would cost PHP 1000 for standard room (good for two). You can bring foods, I guess. Though they have this mini bar which displays some menu, but I doubt that they actually cook or make pizza.

Carmen’s Carenderia

You can eat your lunch in Carmen’s Carenderia. It’s a decent looking carenderia located few meters away from the Argao’s NaturePark. This carenderia offers wide array of Filipino dishes with affordable prices.

Beach Resorts

Aside from Torta, the town of Argao is also known for white sand beaches like the Argao Beach Club which is very popular way back then. You can spend the rest of your afternoon swimming and play with the huge waves. You can ask the tricycle drivers to take you to Argao’s public beach. It’s a white sand beach with long stretch shoreline.

You may also stay overnight at Woodruff Beach Resort. Swimming pools, rooms for overnight stay, and restaurant are one of the facilities that they offer. It’s located along the hi-way and walking distance from the nature park.

Jessie’s Torta

Before heading home, don’t forget to drop by at Jessie’s Torta. It’s famous for best tasting torta and sikwati made of pure tablea beans.

This itinerary is base on my experience, and you can always ask the locals for suggestions as there are lot of things that you can do in Argao aside from what I’ve suggested. Don’t leave this town without eating the best tasting torta – the town’s delicacy.


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  1. Nindota laagan diri ui. 🙂

    Nice post!

    1. Laagan na Cebuana says:

      thanks Leandro! 🙂

    2. Laagan na Cebuana says:

      Thanks Leandro. Ingna si Gallardo laag mo diha. Hehehe

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