Best Cebu Blogs 2012 – I’m going!

Being nominated to compete for a local blog awards is already a milestone for me.  After a month of judging, the awards night has already scheduled on December 9, 2012 which yours truly will witness the awarding.

Best Cebu Blogs Award is on its 5th year which this independent award body has partnered with the following bloggers: Face Cebu, Empress of Drac, Bjorn Cebuano, Jaysee Blabs, Geemiz, Chic in the Tropics, and Shanky Baby in organizing the event every year. It won’t be made possible without their dear partners and sponsors:

Globe 3D Positive

Insular Square Mandaue (1)


GT LOGO with tag

Diamond_FULL_DSR_LOGO (1)

Orange Brutus

Timex Philippines

buddies logo


Starbuckschoi logo vertical

heart tea logo

prworks logo with website


EPC Logo


Though I’ve already posted “thank you” messages on my social media account, but I couldn’t help but thank again those people who supported my blog, those who spare a little of their time to leave a comment and even sent me a personal messages in my email, those who took a break and LIKE my nomination page, my siblings for doing a proofreading on my blog post, to my friends who’ve witness how passionate I am with my travels, and to those whom I’ve inspired to travel.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Indiko Toto says:

    Congratulations Kareen !

    1. I didn’t bring home the bacon but being one of the finalists is already an achievement. thanks Indiko! 🙂

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