Pastilan – A Taste of Maguindanao

When we travel or visit a particular place, trying the local delicacy is always part of the itinerary. Sometimes, we can’t get enough and tend to bring it home as “pasalubong.” Nowadays, local delicacies in the Philippines can be bought anywhere which makes it more convenient.


I’m talking about a muslim delicacy called “Pastil” which originated from Maguindanao. It is also called as Patir in Maranao. Pinoy Pastil of made their own version of Pastil and called it as “Pastilan” in partnership with Reid’s Homemade products.



Pastilan is made of steamed rice with meat toppings wrapped in a banana leaf. It’s a healthy food with three different toppings that you can choose from – beef, chicken, and fish. It’s perfect for snacks or alternative to your meal. You know that Pinoys are into rice that even during snack time we still eat rice. An eco and pocket friendly budget meal. Eco-friendly because its wrap in a banana leaf while pocket friendly because it will only cost you Php 25.

How to order?

You may order Pastilan through these channels:

Website: or

SMS to these numbers: +639232410478 and +639228041777



3 Comments Add yours

  1. hana banana says:

    woooow!!!! looks yummie 🙂

  2. Mitch says:

    Hello Kareen! This is Mitch, partner ni Paul. It’s nice to see a blog about our Pastilan. Thank you very much!
    Some correction though, Pastilan is made by Pinoy Pastil (, and in partnership with Reid’s Homemade Products. 🙂

    1. Laagan na Cebuana says:

      Hi Mitch. Thank you for the correction. Let me edit my post. 🙂

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