Tradition: Sinug sa Casa Gorordo 2013

sinug sa casa gorordo 2013 troups

nang titang_sinug sa casa gorordo

It has been a tradition by the Gorordo Family to do the “Sinug” the day after the Sinulog celebration. Sinug the dance prayer is leaded by Nang Titang. It’s  sad to say though that she wasn’t able to dance this year’s due to the accident. However, a group of Sinug dancers were personally trained by Nang Titang performed this year which they will be her successors.

Despite of that, Nang Titang didn’t miss the occasion. She went to Casa Gorordo in costume and seated on her wheel chair.  The traditional dance prayer in Casa Gorordo won’t be complete without the presence of Nang Titang.

What is Sinug?

sinug sa casa gorordo 2013 dancers

sinulog sa casa gorordo 2013

Sinug is a ritual dance performed in honor to the miraculous image of Sto. Niño. We often time seen this being performed by Basilica del Minor Sto. Niño dancers. Basically, you’ll say your prayers while you’re dancing.

Sinug is different from the Sinulog dance because the Sinug dancers do not hold the image of the Sto. Niño while they’re dancing. Instead, the image of the holy child is put in an altar while the dancers will perform their dance prayer in front of the altar.

sinug sa casa gorordo

The Sinug dancers are divided into two – Spaniards and Muslim. In order for us to distinguish who are the Spaniards and Muslims, they dress accordingly to the group that they’re trying to portrait.

This annual event is one of Gorordo’s traditions that Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) continued after they acquired the Casa Gorordo.


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