Laag 41: Siquijor Island – On Curiosity and Discovery

Siquijor island – known for faith healers and love posion. It’s less traveled island way back before until curious cats started to discover the island of fire.

Coral Cay Resort Siquijor Island

Siquijor port Siquijor Island

Why we choose Siquijor?

Simply because we are one of those curious cats. Good thing though our curiosity didn’t kills us. 🙂

With Siquijor, you’ll have the longest one hour drive of your entire life.

Princess Bulakna Resort Siquijor Island

Before the trip, colleagues from Negros already warned us about huge waves, but we shrug our shoulders and jokingly told them “may’g bawd among sakyan, fastcraft man.”

Oh man, I should have taken their advice seriously. The bumpy fast craft ride is not a joke. Though it only takes an hour for us to cross the island, but it’s the longer one hour ride of my entire life.

Princess Bulakna Resort Siquijor Island

I was holding the handrail as if it would save me in case of accident. If the handrail was made of glass, it shuttered right there and then. While I’m trying to hide my fears, locals across our seats gave me a reassuring look – that those huge waves flashing in front of my eyes are normal. I looked around and found those groups of foreign tourists in front of me. They look like they’re just sitting on their veranda sipping coffee as they appreciate the beauty of nature. While I and Julie are going to breakdown any moment.

At Siquijor, you can tour the entire island in the blink of an eye. “

Siquijor Island Philippines

Though Siquijor Island is so small that you can tour the whole island in one day, but the travel time from the pier to the resort where we have booked our reservation took 2 hours. Yes, travel time is 2 hours via easy ride or also known as tricycle.

Lazi Bell Tower Siquijor Island

As we drove to our destination, I came up to a conclusion that Siquijor is less populated similar to the other islands that I have been too. Road is well pavement, but most of the time deserted. Even their public schools, you can only find few children playing at the play ground.

“Their definition of Island of Fire is Unique.”

Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Island

Salagdoong Resort Siquijor Island

Siquijor is known the island of fire and the first thing that comes in your mind why it’s called “island of fire” its because of the faith healers, black magic, and among other things that science can’t explain. You’re actually wrong – it’s called island of fire because their island is abundance of fireflies.

Bulo-Bulo makes the island distinct

bulo-bulo Siquijor Island

I just found out that bulo-builo is already part of Siquijor’s tourism. I got the chance to witness the actual bulo-bulo during the island tour. Faith healers lives at the mountainous area of the island.

The faith healer is an 83-year old Chinese looking. She healed the skin disease of our tour guide using water and stones as she murmured Latin words.

 You can get a FREE fish spa

fish spa Balete tree Siquijor Island

 At the old Balete tree, you can treat your tired feet with a free fish spa or take a plunge. Make sure to minimize your voice though as there are myths that there are things living behind the century that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

“Siquijor is still Mysterious”

Princess Bulakna Siquijor Island Philippines

Okay, it’s just one of the 7, 107 islands in our country, but there’s something about it that it’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s about the people, their culture, or their history – I don’t know. Probably, you’ll find it out if you’ll pay a visit of this mystic island.


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  1. I agree with you on the boat ride. It was during a field work so I did not enjoy Siquijor much. I would love to travel to Siquijor again. Thanks for sharing!

    1. locals said that the best time to visit Siquijor is during summer March – May.

      thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Ephraim says:

    Beautiful photos! I really want to explore Siquijor na!

    1. you should kay nice jud! hehehe

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