Amazing Ways to Spend 3 Days at the Mystic Island

Siquijor Island is known for caves, waterfalls, coral reefs, white sand beach, and potion. Let our itinerary be your guide to explore the mystic island in three days.


Time Activities
Day 1 06:15:00 AM ETD bound for Dumaguete via Cebu airport
06:45:00 AM ETA in Dumaguete airport
07:30:00 AM Breakfast; grocerry
10:15:00 AM ETD bound for Siquijor Island via Dumaguete port
11:15:00 AM ETA in Siquijor port
01:15:00 PM Arrival and check-in at Princess Bulakna Resort
01:30:00 AM Late lunch at Princess Bulakna Resort; free time
Day 2 07:00:00 AM Breakfast
10:00:00 AM Start the tour
10:30:00 AM ETA at Lazi Church
11:30:00 AM ETA at Century Balete Tree
12:00:00 PM Witness Bulo-bulo
12:45:00 PM ETA at Coral Cay Resort
02:30:00 AM Late lunch at Da Barkadz Restaurant
04:00:00 PM ETA at Salagdoong Beach Resort
05:45:00 PM ETD going to public market
06:30:00 PM ETA at Princess Bulakna Resort; dinner and free time
Day 3 07:00:00 AM Breakfast
09:30:00 AM ETD going to pier
11:00:00 AM ETD bound for Dumaguete
12:00nn ETA in Dumaguete; lunch
02:30:00 PM ETD bound for Cebu via Ceres bus
07:30:00 PM ETA in Cebu City

Other Activities:

Watch Sunset

There’s nothing more spectacular than watching the sky as the sun rises and sets. One of the famous location to watch pastel sky is in Brgy. San Juan where most of the beach resorts are located.

Explore the underwater

#rainbow #tulaposmarinesanctuary #siquijor #pipho #pipho10

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Tulapos Marine Sanctuary is a must-visit when you’re in Siquijor. It’s the oldest and biggest sanctuary in the island. Its abundant of different species of fish, corals, and other underwater marine life.

Tarzan Jump

Its time to Jump! Tarzan Style! #cambughayfalls #Siquijor

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Take a refreshing dip or the do tarzan jump in this famous Cambughay falls.


One of the downsides of the trip is that we choose an accommodation away from the hi-way. Hence, it hinders us to explore more. We could have stayed at Island Rendevoo. This quaint cottage is located in Brgy. San Juan and walking distance from the white sand beach.

Anyhow, there’s always a next time.

*Update: Added additional tourist attraction (under suggestion) aside from the places we’ve visited.


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  1. jun says:

    is the multicab you used in touring, a private cab of the hotel you were staying? or just a multicab not owned by the hotel? bcoz when I tour with my companions. it is only 1,800.

    1. it’s a public multicab coz the resort’s service is not available at that time. it was the resort owner who contacted the multicab driver. good thing that you were able to get the best deal. ours were too expensive.

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