SwissClear Global – Bridges the Gap

As a traveler, it’s always a dream to travel around the world. We are known as nomad, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our families’ way back home. I’ve always see to it that I have enough air time to call my family every time I travel. I need to let them know where and how I’ve been at the same time I need to ask how they are doing while I am away from them. I wanted to tell them my new experience and discoveries that I got while I’m traveling abroad.  But, it’s always a challenge having enough airtime to make an unlimited call.

In this fast paced world, technology has evolved and you can communicate to your loved ones through social media. But, my parents are not Internet savvy and my siblings have enough on their plate which it’s not all the time they can access their email. That leaves me the option to use my roaming phone service to communicate with them. A mobile recharge is needed to make sure that both I and my family have enough airtime to call anytime.

Having SwissClear Global is such a blessing. It make things convenient for the travelers to send prepaid credits an even recharge their own mobile anytime and anywhere.  SwissClear Global is an online platform where you can send airtime credits to anyone regardless where your location is. Creating an account and sending airtime credits is easy as 1-2-3.  Watch the video tutorial below.

Isn’t that amazing? I encourage my fellow travel bloggers and OFWs to use SwissClear Global in sending and reloading your mobile airtime. You may visit their website at or LIKE their Facebook page for details.


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