Itinerary: Your One Day Guide to Barili Cebu

Mantayupan Falls, Barili Cebu

I’ve been to Barili three times, but have passed the said town for countless times. Though I’ve created a separate blog post for each visit, but decided to compile them into one and make it as a guide since Barili is included on the top 5 most viewed or visited post.

Mantayupan Falls, Barili Cebu

I suggest that you take the 7 AM bus trip going to Barili. Any bus route will do as long as it pass Barili. Travel time from the city to Barili is approximately 2 hours. You can ask the drive to drop you off at the Shamrock – it’s the famous bus stop in the South. You can have your breakfast in Shamrock or proceed to the public market of Barili where you can find goods and everything that you need for the entire day trip. You may also take a cab or motorcycle from Shamrock or public market that will take you to Mantayupan Falls.

By 9 AM, you should be at the Mantayupan Falls. It’s best that you’ll go there as early as 8 AM so that it won’t be that crowded. There is no need for you to rent tables and chairs because you can put your things on top of the stones near the falls. Just keep an eye of your belongings though. You can stay their until 11 AM.

Sayaw Beach, Barili Cebu

You then travel back to the public market where you can take a cab that would pass Sayaw Beach. I suggest that you eat your lunch in Sayaw since there are cottages that can be rented for as low as P150. You can also put your things in the grass field instead of renting a cottage if you”re traveling in duo just like what me and The Adventist Adventurer did when we went to Sayaw last summer of 2012.

Sayaw Beach, Barili Cebu

Sayaw Beach, Barili Cebu

I suggest that you rent one of their outrigger boats (P150) good for 2 persons excluding boat owner who will paddle your way to Cave in Sayaw Beach. Water outside the cave is clearer and colder compared to the beach water at the main proper of the Sayaw Beach. Plus, the view is more scenic because of the rock formation.

You can leave Sayaw Beach past 3 PM then proceed to the Molave Farm where you can have refreshments – cow’s fresh milk, dairy ice cream, and other finger foods. You may opt to stay until in the evening as the place gets romantic with the dim lights and the sound of crickets played in the background.

If you’ll commute going back to the city, take note that the last trip is around 8:00 PM. So make sure that you’ll leave Barili before the last bus that will pass Molave Farm back to the city. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time looking for a place to stay overnight in Barili.

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  1. Ephraim says:

    This guide is great! I am also planning to create “The Adventurer’s Guide” series of Southern Cebu. Naunhan pa ko nimo!hehe.. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. iWana Geek says:

    nice.. dile na jud qo masaag aneh sa barili f muad2 qo.. naa ra ba qoy plano..

    Office Jobs In Cebu

  3. nindot kaayo., thanks kay nengshare sad ka sa ‘muhang experience..

    1. hi. thanks for dropping by. sharing my own experience is one of the reasons why I set up this travel blog. 🙂

  4. Bea says:

    Hi, nag commute ramo diri or nag puv?

    1. Hi Bea!

      Yes, nag commute ra jud. PUJ ug motor a.k.a. habal-habal hehehe

  5. gay lopez says:

    hello! if we swim in sayaw beach, is there a place nearby where we could wash off and change clothes? thank you!

    1. Hi Gay!

      Yes, there is a dressing room/CR within the vicinity of Sayaw Beach. Enjoy!

  6. xylem says:

    Sayaw beach is really one of the place i’m planning to check it out next month.=)

  7. leila says:

    thanks for sharing miga! 🙂 interesting keu ang cave sa sayaw ai.. mo ara jud ko! HAHA

  8. morsy arafa says:


    1. Kareen says:

      Yes, pwedi ra.

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