The Challenge: Traveling Light

what's inside my bag

In less than five days, I’m off to my first travel destination in Luzon – another milestone for my traveling career. Now, the challenge is travel light. How can I do that when I have to bring  4 pounds netbook plus a DSLR camera. I can’t leave these gadgets at home as I would need my camera for documentation while I need to have access to netbook since I still have to work on my part time job. So, I’m sharing you my tips in traveling light.

Sarong instead of towel

Instead of bringing a towel which is bulky and takes a lot of space in your bag, bring a sarong. It’s lightweight and easy to fold. You may also purchase a towel specialize for traveling which most likely cost you P3000.

Lightweight clothes

Nowadays, it’s not possible for me to travel without bringing my laptop. I need to bring my work with me. My netbook weights around 4 pounds so I have to pack clothes that are made in light fabric – dress is perfect for traveling light. Leggings are also great alternative for jeans. Refrain from bringing denim shorts.

Slippers and Sandals/Shoes

Most of my trips are city tour and beach bumming; I don’t need to bring formal footwear. A pair of slippers and open toe sandals would do. Before, I would bring two pairs of slippers, one pair of sandals, and close shoes regardless where I’m heading to. I realized that I don’t need to bring extra pairs.

Label your clothes

Before packing my clothes, I would wear them and take pictures to make sure if it’s appropriate for the place I’m heading to. Most of the time, I’ll go beach bumming so I would only bring two to three shorts and tops. I would label them as day 1, day 2, and day 3.


As for the toiletries, I would opt for sachets or travel pack. There are times that I only buy my toiletries when I already reached at my destination.

Less emotional baggage

The most important thing in traveling light is traveling with less emotional baggage. It’s up for you on how to interpret this. 🙂

P.S. similar photo was submitted to PinayTraveller for “What’s in Your Suitcase” section of her blog.


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