How to Create DIY Itinerary?


Baguio Map 2

Among the places that I have traveled, BaguioBenguet is the stressful trip. From budget to itinerary down to the misunderstanding with my travel friends. Nevertheless, I can still consider it a successful trip with my colleagues.

Without further ado, here are my tips on how to make your DIY itinerary:

List all places to visit

Of course, we do research for places of interest including on what to do and where to eat. Gather all the information first before you plot your itinerary.

Map Up

Once you have all the information that you needed, map them up. I mean, use Google maps to locate them.

Analyze & Group Them

After you locate all the places including your hotel and places, where you can eat, analyze and group them as Day 1, Day 2, and Day2 or depending on how many days your trip would be.

For our case in Baguio, our Day 1 consists of the eastern part. While Day 2 composes of the northern and western part and Day 3 compose of the southern part.

It is best that your Day 3 itinerary composes of places that you can pass on your way back to your city or airport. Since Camp John Hay and PMA are accessible on our way back to Clark, we visited them on the same day of our trip back to Cebu.

There you have it. The 1-2-3 step in creating your DIY itinerary. 


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