Laag 42: Baguio – Benguet: My First Trip to Luzon (Part 2)

In continuation of my “first time ko” experience, I’m sharing you this narrative post about the places where we have eaten and among other things about Baguio.

Where to Eat?

(Baguio Overview Apartelle)

pinoy food - baguio city

Our breakfast on the first day was at the Baguio Overview Apartelle. The set up is like the usual carenderia setting – self service and pay as your order. It was our driver who took us there as we don’t have an idea where to have our breakfast. Price is quiet good that ranges from P50 – 150/meal.

50’s Diner

50'sdiner baguio city

After the “park hopping” tour (consist of Mines View, Botanical Garden, Wright Park  and the Palace visit), we had our lunch at 50’s Diner. It’s one of the recommended restaurants in the city based on the blogs and reviews that I’ve read. Yes, there serving is quiet a feast. However, I’m kinda disappointed how small the dining area is.

Tam-awan Village

Since this artist village is located at the north western part of Baguio City, establishments like restaurant are nowhere to be found. So, our driver suggested that we would take our lunch at their restaurant. Otherwise, it would take 30-40 minutes for us to get into the city proper again and look for another place to eat.

tam-awan village, baguio city

Their interior design is quiet impressive which it’s obvious since it’s an artist village.  When I tasted their food, I cannot help but rant about the taste and everything about it. It seems that I am eating a chewing gum when I started to chew the meat. In addition, they seem to run out of seasoning coz the Chop suey does not have any taste at all. How I wish that the food they serve is as good as their paintings.  I regret paying P200 for a meal that I didn’t enjoyed.  The good thing though one of their staff approached us and asked about the food. The blunt and straightforward Deanna answered their questions that their staff does not wish to hear. I just hope that they change their chef or simply close the restaurant.

Tips on Pasalubong shopping and Others

Strawberry, Ube Jam, and souvenir shirts

You can purchase 4 for 100 strawberry jams in Mines View and Botanical Garden. If you want the best tasting strawberry and ube jam, you can purchase them at the Good Shepherd. However, they only allow up to 4 jams per person and it would cost you around P150/jam. While you can bought 2 for P150 souvenir shirts at the Botanical Garden.

baguio city

Strawberry Farm

The strawberry farm is located at  the  La Trinidad. You have the option to pick strawberries at the farm that would cost P350/kilo. However, I find it impractical as you can purchase P100-150/kilo of strawberry at the small market  inside the strawberry farm. Besides, they allow tourist to take photos inside the strawberry farm whether your will pick or not.

strawberry farm, la trinidad

Don’t forget to buy strawberry ice cream at the farm. Their strawberry taste better compared to the ice cream that you can buy at the Burnham Park. It will only cost you P20/cone.

There you have it -the summary of my four days trip in Luzon. I’m aiming for more Luzon trips this year. Probably, it will be at  Ilocos or Bicol since they are next on my bucket list. Let’s see.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. jovelyn macalinao says:

    I hope your next trip is in Bicol and see the beauty of Mayon.

    1. don’t worry, JFC.. Bicol will be my next travel destination since it’s cheaper compare to ilocos.. hahahha.. chill lang.. isurprise ra tika!

  2. Katacheme says:

    Thank you for sharing these travels, Kareen! Am planning to go to Baguio next week but am still clueless about my… budget. 🙂 This post and the other one will definitely help me!

    1. Laagan na Cebuana says:

      Hi Kat!

      Getting around in Baguion is less expensive. Taxi or via PUJ. I suggest that you check out the Ketchup Community near Wright Park. Enjoy! 🙂

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