Why You Travel?

On random conversations with friends over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer, we discussed or share rather our reasons why we travel.  We laugh and tease as we knew that our reasons are silly compared to others.  Who cares? We are being honest!

Therefore, I am sharing you these common reasons why my friends and me shared the same passion in traveling.

travel to relax

What about you? What are your reasons why you love to travel? 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lakbay Diva says:

    i travel to be free! todo coming out to the open na itey! 😛

    1. vegah kay imong reason tey! lol

  2. haist.. If only I could..

    1. bantay bitaw inig anha nako ug Bicol di ko nimo kuyogan mag suroy2x

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