Budget Friendly Summer Break

portofino beach resort

I made a similar but a more personal blog entry posted on my personal blog. I was actually sharing what makes me decide to quit my long-term job and went on a freelance. I have also mentioned in that personal entry that I went with my “former” colleagues at work for some quick beach bumming. You can read it here.

Portofino Beach Resort

In this separate entry, I want to share how our summer break budget friendly this year. Unlike last year, most of my time (our time) was spent at the beach. I went to Medellin on January then Dalaguete on February and Ginatilan on March while I was in Bohol on April then I went to Barili as well as Moalboal on May and lastly went to Boracay on June. If you would notice, every month you can find me lounging at the beach. It’s either I’m reading a book (magazine perhaps) or busy doing water activities.

I’m kinda on hibernate stage for summer getaway this year. Maybe because I’m planning to travel abroad at the same time I have to start from the scratch since I just started from my new job. Anyhow, I’ve been dying to go to beach so I sent a SMS to my former colleagues (whom became my travel buddies).

portofino beach resort

The good thing about our hometown is that it is bless with beautiful beaches which there are no need for us to travel far. For less than P300 pesos, we were able to enjoy the sun, sand, and the beach at Portofino Beach Resort.

The concept of our summer break is to imitate Americans as they go on a picnic at the beach with fruits, juices, and chichiria (junk foods). Instead of renting a table and chair that cost P350, we use our sarong and find a nice spot – the nice spot can be found under the huge tree.

portofino beach resort

I’ve noticed that we are not the only one who has the concept as we also find some group of friends who brought them a “blanket” while a family of four went on a impromptu beach bumming (I believe) as they only brought a blanket and McDonalds to go meal. It’s good to see though that slowly Filipinos are adopting the idea of a picnic. I’m a fan of picnic and I prefer it that way as its more intimate rather than the usual set up that we will rent for cottage.

portofino beach resort

If paying P90 – P130 entrance fee in Portofino Resort, you can head to a public beach. I know one in Cordova, but I have to revisit it to see how it looks like now. (Don’t worry; pictures will be uploaded soon in my Facebook once I went there).


P100 (foods and drinks bought at the supermarket)

P30 round trip PUJ fare from Mandaue to the corner of Portofino Resort

P20 round trip tricycle fare from the corner to the gate of Portofino Resort and vice versa.

P90/head entrance fee.

P30 PUJ fare from Mandaue to my place.

portofino beach resort

This should be a summer break be like. I know that its more fun if foods are overflowing but nothing beats a stress free summer break if you will just like buy a to go meal then head to the nearest beach in your hometown.


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