#WheninManila: Arts & Culture in Intramuros

After our Binondo walk, we walked our way to Intramuros down to the National Museum. This post would be a compilation of Intramuros and National Museum visit.

Intramuros Snapshots

Intramuros Manila

Intramuros Manila

Manila Cathedral Intramuros

The Manila Collectible Co: Why it’s worth a visit?

The Manila Collectible Co

Right at the back of Manila Cathedral, you’ll see a newly painted or newly built building rather. At first, it looked like a fine dining restaurant to me until we approached the girl in national costume selling cultural goods outside the building.

We were curious as she sells collectible items from Baguio and other local stuff which they were on sale. Not to forget that she wears leotard on a bright and sunny Sunday noon in Manila.

The Manila Collectible Co, Intramuros

My good friend Richard, (quite friendly) which he would always say “I’m just trying to build a rapport here” asked the girl about The Manila Collectible Co. The girl was quite excited as she tells us about this cultural store. She urges us to take a look inside or even go to the rooftop as it has access to Manila Cathedral.

Since I’m interested in arts & culture, I followed her and went further. Then, I saw a painting hang on the hallway that looked similar to the painting that I found in Tam-awan Village. A thought crossed my mind when I asked Richard to took my photo with the painting as the backdrop – I should collect photos like this. This is the second photo that I have, and I know that there’s more to come. If you didn’t know, I’m a frustrated artist. I love to paint but painting is not for me (how ironic).

The Manila Collectibe Co

As we approached second floor, we were able to find more arts and collectible materials locally made. In fact, an old woman was waiving a bag and paused for a while to say hello. My eyes twinkled when I saw the painting collections at the other side of the building. Those paintings  (as found in this post) were painted by fine arts student of EARIST – Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science & Technology. Those girls who welcomed us are fine arts student of EARIST who volunteered to work for The Manila Collectible Co.

The Manila Collectible Co

Aside from those paintings, they have this area where you can paint your own pots. I painted my own as souvenir for my trip in Manila. The painting materials are locally made which the liquid & non-toxic paints are from Mindanao. They’re quick drying (yes, literally quick drying) paint.

National costumes as well as local delicacies like coffee, wine, peanuts and a lot more are also available.

National Museum Painting Snapshots

Philippines National Museum

Spolarium by Juan Luna at National Museum

Spolarivm painting gives you different interpretation by looking at it. Only those who love art can see those things that more than the naked eye can see in this painting. Seriously, if you take a closer look on the painting, you can see hundreds of bodies piled up at the corner which at first glanced it’s nothing but a dark corner.

Philippines National Museum

National Museum Philippines

Trivia: The lower right painting is not a pure painting at all. The artist used pictures and make it a collage. Can you tell which part is purely painted?

Parisian Life painting by Juan Luna

I’m still trying to recall the three interpretations of this painting. Anyhow, this controversial painting was on auction at a gallery in Hong Kong which GSIS chairman bought it for $$$$$. His explanation is that the Philippines should own & preserve this Juan Luna painting. Not only the funds that were used to bought this painting make it controversial but also the story behind the painting itself.

As what I have remembered, the Parisian girl is Juan Luna’s wife while the three men are Juan Luna, Jose Rizal, and their businessman friend. I still have to asked Richard about the interpretations and as soon as I gathered those information, I’ll update this post.

Our National Museum tour ended by hanging around at the ground floor while waiting for the rain to subside. My second day in Manila was more on arts, culture, and history tour. In short, it was a walking educational tour.


Up next: Binondo Walking Tour

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* Some of the photos are own by Richard


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  1. Ge Ann says:

    love this post kareen!makes me want to walk on those cobblestones and feast my eyes on the beautiful paintings

    1. Hi Ge Ann!

      Yeah, I thought the tour is boring but I enjoyed looking at those painting and making my own interpretation.. hehehe

      by the way, where is Buwad Island located? Might go there next summer na pud 🙂

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