Things You Can Buy in Carbon Market

Who doesn’t know Carbon Market? Alternatively, should I say who were not able to explore the Carbon market? For everyone’s information, it is the place where the crime rate is as high as the building of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Kidding aside, Carbon Market is where you can buy almost all your basic needs. Apart from seafoods, meat, and flowers at the Freedom Park, you can also find some rare shopping finds/goods that you can buy for cheap price.

1. Native Home Decorations

native products/home decor

You can find these native home decors made of raw materials like Abaca. If you want to create your own wedding giveaways, you can also find it here. It is located at the right side if you are facing Freedom Park. In the same area, it is where the ukay2x (used clothing) is being displayed during weekend.

2. Local Foods

local foods

Who cannot relate to the Bagong Bayan or Pig Pie bread or the “Icing” that you can buy at your school canteen even through sari-sari store? Yes, this is where “sari-sari store” owners purchase those things.

3. Dried Fish

dried fish

Though Tabo-an Public Market is famous for dried fish, but you can also purchase this in Carbon Public Market.

4. Kitchen and cook ware

kitcher ware in carbon market

You can buy 1 set of kitchen ware for less than Php 100. If you have the talent in haggling, you can score them for 50 pesos/set.

5. Accessories

accessories in carbon market

P100 – P150 handbags or backpacks. This would usually cost around P300 when you buy them inside a shopping mall.

6. Dried tobacco leaves

dried tobacco leaves

If your grandparents are tobacco smoker and planning to give them, a bunch of dried tobacco leaves as Christmas gift, head over to Carbon Market. It will only cost you P20/bundle.

I know that not everyone would daree to shop in Carbon Public Market, but I hope that this has helped you. Check out this honest review from Stuart Kusher that I found on Google Plus.


P.S. If you have not tried or planning to do some Ukay-Ukay shopping spree, I would suggest that you do your shopping around 6 – 9 PM on Saturday. Do not shop during Sunday afternoon coz most of your options are left over from last night’s display.

Leave your jewelries and valuable things at home. As much as possible, don’t bring a bag when you go shopping around the market and better do your shopping early morning.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Honestly, I haven’t been there… and is afraid to be there. hahaha. But I think am totally missing out the great deals. Guess will visit Carbon one of these days.

    1. At first, I’m hesitant to roam around Carbon market. Never set foot not until I was forced to buy some fresh vegetables for us to use in our reunion.

      It is indeed the best and worst place to shop. Just be vigilant with your things and better shop during early morning while the “jerks” are still asleep. hahaha…

  2. Ge Ann says:

    Emma. Liza and I spent a day here and it was really fun. Here’s a link Reading your piece brings back good memories.

    1. Visit us again and let us roam around Carbon market 🙂

  3. It’s unfortunate that Carbon Market got this terrible reputation but it’s not that bad really. This place is a haven for low to mid income people, so what do you expect? Definitely not for those who were used to buying their stuff on air-conditioned supermarkets.

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