Starting to Love Thai Cuisine

I am a picky eater and oftentimes prefer to eat those foods that I am already familiar with rather than wasting my money for a meal that I will not enjoy.

I have already tried Thai cuisine once and never dared to eat again their food until a colleague invited me to dine this another Thai restaurant. Since it was free, who am I to decline the invitation?

We went to Ayala Center then to Siam Thai Cuisine. I let my colleague decide on which food to order while I am trying to finish my backlog as I struggled with the internet connection. As both of us are a foodie and literally (kuma a.k.a kumakaon), we orded a bunch of food for the two of us. As if we are having a fiesta at that time.

Siam string Beans in red curry, Crispy Noodles with Mango Salad, Thai coconut milk soup with chicken (tom kha gai), and Steamed Seafood Curry in coconut shell are the dishes we have ordered for that night. We left the restaurant with a happy stomach and another backlog, as I never finished the task that I was working.

Since then, I always look forward to explore Thai cuisine. In fact, I went back with another companions and tried their Crispy Pata and Tom Yum Prawn Soup.

Siam Thai Cuisine is located  in Ayala Terraces and open from Monday to Sunday. For complete list of menu, you may visit their Facebook page at


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