Somewhere over the sunset in Cebu

I took advantage of the no net connection at home. Grab my bag and camera then rushed to the ferry terminal to catch a trip. I joined the Oponganon’s as they celebrate the annual fiesta of Nuestra Seňora de Regla.

A hot and humid weather was perfect for reunions with old friends over a glass of tequila on broad daylight. Later that day, heard a mass and said “thank you” to the Seňora and her son.

On my way journey home, I seated near the glass window and look for the sunset. You know that you badly miss traveling when the quick ferry ride excites you at the same time brings back a lot of good memories – memories of crossing islands, braving those huge waves, or simply enjoying the calm water.

As much as I would like to plan my next escaped, but I don’t think that it is the best time to travel. My fellow countrymen and Cebuanos are still mourning over the loss of their loved ones or home.

With that, I should be contented looking outside the window and enjoy the beauty of Cebu before it disappears.

P.S. Cebu’s sunset is always breathtaking. 🙂


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  1. I’ve witnessed this sunset at the pier once. And for the very first time I felt a different kind of happiness. It was just sooo amazing I want to do it again.

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