#Sinulog2014: Solemn Procession Tips

sinulog2014 tips

The solemn foot procession is held during the third Saturday of January after the 9-day novena mass. Every year, the organizers would expect millions of devotees who will join the procession. With that said, here are my top five tips on how you can survive the solemn procession.

Be Early

Procession starts at 1pm and make sure that you’re at the basilica before it started.

Charge your phones

Most of the times, networks get busy at this day and text messages are delayed. Still, it is advisable to bring a fully batt mobile phone.

Bring umbrella or any protection against heat and possible rain

Weather nowadays in Cebu is so unpredictable. It’s best that you have your umbrella or anything that would protect you against sun rays or getting wet.

Bring biscuits/cookies and juice

It is practical if you bring your own food/snacks. Though there are vendors that sell snacks and bottled waters but prices may kinda expensive compared to buying them directly from grocery stores.

Wear comfortable clothes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking. Sneakers, t-shirts, and jeans combo are highly recommended.

Mindful of children and personal belongings

This is self-explanatory but I discourage everyone from bringing children below 5 years old. Like I’ve said earlier, millions of devotees are expected to join. Children can’t stand the heat and they tend to easily get tired from walking.

There you go. My top five tips for solemn procession. Feel free to comment below if you have additional suggestions or if I missed anything important.


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