Palawan Summer Fling Travel Diary


I can’t remember how I and Kate became friends. All I know is that we are both member of a blogging society in Cebu. Personally meet her through an event that I organized. The rest is history.

So, two island girls (that’s how we labeled ourselves) explored Palawan in 6 days and 5 nights to kick-start summer 2014.

Touchdown and En Route to El Nido

A bright and sunny Puerto Princesa greeted us contrary to the rainy weather back in Cebu. Instead of doing DIY roadtrip to El Nido, we booked our van transfer as part of our accommodation in La Casa Teresa Beach Resort to avoid the hassle.

sunset in corong corong el nido palawanSix hours of passing scenic view of the sights around mountains with two stop overs. I’ve already imagined a long hot bath once we arrived.

Added bonus was a friendly driver who made a quick stop over along the hi-way for a mandatory sunset shoot for his two passengers who were giggling like teenagers the moment that they saw the sunset from afar.

Sunset and Dinner

We got the best seat to watch sunset in Corong Corong from the balcony. After bragging our sunset experience on social media, we then checked out El Nido Four Seasons Resort.

Good to know that the staff understands and speaks Bisaya. No more language barrier. According to Kate, El Nido Four Seasons Resort Chicken Adobo is the best adobo she’d tasted so far. I on the other hand don’t mind the food as I’m longing to hit the sack.

island hopping el nido palawan

Hoorah for Today!

Still feeling sleepy and groggy but have to wake up to catch the sunrise. Then, prepped up for the first item on our itinerary which was island hopping arranged by Northern Hope Tours.

Braving the waves of El Nido and found new friends who offered to let us used their shower so we can freshen up before our meet up with another travel blogger who was also in town.

Witness another sunset this time at Mereng Mereng Beach with Josiah and continued our conversations over dinner.

Ended the night with a failed ice cream hunt and a full of hope that we will eat ice cream before leaving El Nido the following day.

el nido palawan

Separation Anxiety

It’s a battle between to cancel or not and to leave or stay. Yes, we were having separation anxiety from El Nido for many reasons. First, we can’t get enough about the town and we wanted to explore more. Second, we left our heart in El Nido.

Like any other decisions that you have to make in life, you need to weight things and review your priorities. To sum it up, we left El Nido with a heavy heart. You will know why we fell in love with El Nido in our upcoming post with Red Maleta.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. From the photos alone, I understand why you don’t want to leave the place. 🙂 The first photo is really amazing! Hope to experience Palawan soon.

    1. Hi Kath!

      Yep, no need for me to elaborate. 🙂

      By the way, do you have any plans this summer?

      1. I may have, depende sa leave credits and the budget. haha.

  2. Oh how I wish to travel here soon. How much would be an appropriate budget to experience much under strict wallet constraints(excluding airfare)? BTW, I love your blog and wish I could travel to many more places like you guys.

    1. Hi Josha!

      Thanks for dropping by.

      I can relate as we were also on budget constraints. 🙂

      El Nido alone, I spent around P6,000. That already includes our round trip van fare from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, our 3days 2 nights’ accommodation, lunch and dinner, pasalubong, island hopping fee and other expenses. But you can spend less than P5000 if you’ll choose accommodations that will only cost you P500/night. Ours was P1500/night in Corong Corong.

      Anyway, I’ll make a more detailed blog post in the coming days and might as well include our expenses and tips.

      You should visit El Nido soon. It’s worth the trip! 🙂

      1. I will ate! 🙂 Please invite me to bloggers outings too! 🙂 God bless you always!

  3. gracey says:

    hi.. glad i found your blog! can’t wait for my trip this september 🙂 is it a hassle going to town from corongcorong? how much is the tricycle fare? thankyou

    1. Hi Gracey,

      Travel time from our resort in Corong2x is approximately less than 10 mins. We don’t find it a hassle traveling back and forth coz there are lots of tricycle in town even on wee hours. The tricycle fare would vary. We asked the locals and they told us that it’s P15/person but some drivers charge us P30/person or P100 for special trip.

      I suggest that you prepare enough money to pay for your tricycle fare and follow the P15/person rate. Most of the drivers are friendly though and they won’t make any comment if you pay them the exact amount.

      One more thing, don’t forget to witness the sunset in Corong2x. It has a fantastic view based on what we’ve experienced. 🙂

      Good luck and enjoy your trip to El Nido!

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