Where We Stayed in El Nido?

La Casa Teresa Resort in El Nido

Prior to our trip, I’ve already made some researched, and listed down the recommended accommodations in El Nido. Then, narrowed down our choices that fits our budget but it seems that the contact numbers and email address listed on their website and any other blogs are no longer valid.

Our first planned was to stay at the town center, but Kate changed her mind and we both agreed to look for resorts where we can stay the day doing nothing or shall I say “mag ligid-ligid” the entire day. Then I found La Casa Teresa Resort in Brgy. Corong Corong which is 5 minutes away from the town center.

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Their standard room cost us P1500/night that already includes breakfast, free WiFi access with private toilet and bath but no hot/cold shower. But what I like the most is the view from the balcony. You’ll get the best seats for sunset viewing and nearby islands famous for the island hopping. I’m always a fan of dining with a view; I didn’t mind the lack of other facilities that you can find from other resorts like swimming pool, restaurant, and bath tub.

My Personal Rating

  • Location: 5/5 Because of the best sunset view. Say what you will, I still like the sunset view from the resort’s balcony compared to the sunset that I’ve seen from the other part of El Nido.
  • Food: 3/5 They don’t give you an option on what you’ll have for breakfast. I know the breakfast is free, but at least they’ll give you an option. There is an extra cost if you will ask to cook your egg in different ways aside from sunny side up. Good thing that coffee is overflowing.
  • Resort service and staff – 3.5/5 Staffs are attentive to my request but for someone like me who’ve worked for marketing and business processing industry, my standards are high. But overall experience is still satisfactory.
  • Safety – 5/5. There is a security guard on duty and they locked the main door, so I guess outsiders are not allowed to enter not unless they have companions who were guest of the resort.

For your inquiries or reservations, you can visit their website at http://lacasateresabeachresort.com/ or contact them at these numbers 09183861974 and 09199910887.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. jankurdt says:

    i personally recommend staying at corong-corong when traveling to el nido too. i love that it’s less touristy so the beach is less crowded. and the beach…! sunset there is just gorgeous!

    i miss el nido.

  2. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to El Nido! I am hoping to visit soon and I’ve been looking through blogs for tips and inspiration. And I’m Cebuana too, so your blog definitely caught my eye. I’ve already looked at 2 of your El Nido posts — very helpful. Thanks for sharing. Happy travels!

    1. Hello!

      I should also be ashamed to say that I’m drooling on your Europe trip coz I’ve never even tried to travel abroad. 🙂

      I’ve also visited your blog and saw some helpful info about Eurotrip. Will take note of them. Who knows I might visit Europe soon. hahaha

      Happy travels, too!

      1. Magsugod na ta’g ampo nga mag-piso sale ang Cebu Pac to Europe now that they’ve been allowed to fly there. 🙂

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