Sunset at Diniwid Beach

sunset at Diniwid Beach, BoracayOn my third visit in Boracay Island, I’ve made sure that I do the things that I failed to do during my previous visits which includes watching the sunset.

I’ve bragged about the Diniwid Beach to the first timer in the island which happens to be my travel buddy this year – Red Maleta. Two of her colleagues were also in the island for training and we invited them to join us as we witness the sunset in Boracay at Diniwid Beach.

sunset at Diniwid Beach, Boracay IslandIt wasn’t an orange-y and redish like what I have expected. Instead, a yellowish sunset said hello to us on our last day in the island.

sunset at Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island


Diniwid Beach is next to the famous white beach. More or less 15 minute walk from the white beach and separated with semi-hidden cliff-side trail. It’s another quiet side of the island and only few establishments were open and lots of locals hanging out at the beach.


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