Travel Expenses: Palawan 2014

Palawan, Philippines

We dare ourselves to travel with P8,000 pocket-money for six days in Palawan (Puerto Princessa and El Nido). What did you think? Did we accomplished our goal? Read more to know the answer.

It’s not a challenge because we want to challenge ourselves. It was a challenge because we have limited budget. We booked our ticket 7 months before the trip. Due to unfortunate turn of events on the last quarter of 2013 I was not able to save and almost cancelled the trip. But thanks to my friends who encouraged me to pursue my plan and making this trip possible.

So here it is. The real cost of our six-day trip in Palawan.

El Nido

Cost Cost per person
Accommodation 3days & 2nights P1500/night P1500 for 2 nightsPaid P300 before checkout*(Paid P1200 in advance before the trip)
Tour Fees P1,200/person but it has P200 discount P500*Deposited P500 before the trip
Transportation P1,400 van roundtrip from PP to our resort in El NidoP75 tricycle fare going back and forth to town properFare going to Marimegmeg Beach sponsored by Lakas P1475
Meals Day 1Lunch:P200Dinner: P500Day 2

Breakfast: FREE

Lunch: FREE included of the tour package

Dinner: P350

Day 3

Breakfast: FREE

Lunch: P499 (divided to 3 person)

Snacks: 140


Total P3281

Puerto Princessa

Charges Actual Cost
Package Tour Accommodation4days & 3nightsUnderground River TourHonda Bay Island Hopping

City Tour

All applicable entrance fees, aircon van transfers, boat transfers and tour permits

Welcome Dinner

Daily set breakfast

P8,250P2,000 deposit P2625 – actual amount paid before checkoutNotesP1000 depositP500 less since we cancelled the city tour
City Tour transportation P400 (tricycle fee) P200
Pasalubong P500
Meals Day 1Dinner: FREE

Day 2

Breakfast: FREE

Lunch: FREE included on the tour package

Dinner: P80

Snacks: P55

Day 3

Breakfast: FREE

Lunch: FREE

Dinner: P90

Day 4

Breakfast: FREE

Lunch: P100

Total P3650

Total expenses: P6, 931.00

  • Based on our experience, it’s best to pay in advance your accommodation, tours, and transportation (if applicable). In that way, you don’t need to worry those things on the real day of your trip.
  • We would suggest that you dropped your City Tour if it’s included on the package as we were able to save P300 each as the tricycle fare only cost P400. Our city tour already includes the trip to Baker’s Hill, Rancho Zipline Adventure, Souvenir shop in San Miguel, Environmental Enforcement Museum, and Jollibee drive thru for our to go lunch.
  • If we will include the cost of our plane ticket and the money that we’ve paid in advance, it would roughly cost P10, 000 each.
  • Look for accommodation that offers free breakfast.

Hope this has helped you in planning your trip to Palawan. Check out my other entries for our Palawan trip here.


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  1. Great advice and expense liquidation you have there. 🙂 Our budget when we went there was around 1K higher than yours but we included all 4 island hopping tours in El Nido.

    1. Wow! Where did you book your island hopping tour? We wanted to go back to El Nido maybe next year.

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