Our Favorite Pasalubong is Now in Cebu!

AlcaptoneThe famous Alcapone donuts known for its white Belgian chocolate and roasted California almond slices.

Glad to share that J. Co Donuts and Coffee is now available in Cebu! This has been the favorite pasalubong of my friends. (As what I’ve observed at the airport going back to Cebu).

The Cebu Bloggers Society was invited to J. Co Philippines pre-opening of their SM City Cebu branch. This popular lifestyle café chain started in Indonesia and opens various stores in the Philippines including the Visayas region. On September 2, J.Co Donuts simultaneously opens its two stores in Cebu located in Ayala Center and SM City Cebu.JCo in Cebu

Donuts overload indeed as they’re giving out half-dozen of doughnuts for the first 5o customers and one-year supply of doughnuts for the first three early birdies.

J.Co Oreo DonutJ.Co Dunot and Coffee in Cebu

It’s an honor to be part of the pre-opening as we had the first-hand experience of J.Co’s signature, such as their best-selling Alcapone donuts and Jcoccino, their own version of cappuccino. Jcoccino is available in both hot and cold drinks.

Latte Art

J.Co Capuccino Latte Art JCo in Cebu

Aside the quirky donuts names and unique beverages, the team was proud to partake that their latte art are not hand made. Instead, it’s the skill of their baritas. You can watch the video below how the latte art was made by one of their baritas.

Sneak peek inside J.Co’s Kitchen

Cos J. Co team is generous to show us round; they let us see how Glaze donuts are produced as good as the espresso coffee. Watch the video below.

Cebu Branches

J. Co Philippines Cebu branches are located at the lower ground floor of SM City Cebu and Level 1, The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu. For more information about their products, visit their website at http://www.jcodonuts.com/ or check Facebook page here.


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  1. Nice food shots

    1. Thanks, Elmer! Your blog too has interesting photos and stories of Malate. I actually stayed somewhere in Malate when I went to Manila. It’s similar to some places in Cebu except that people speak Tagalog.

  2. I haven’t visited the branches in Cebu yet. But I miss J.Co. I am so glad that my favorite donuts are now here in Cebu. I’ve been craving for Crunchy crunchy and the signature JCoccino for 2 years.

    P.S. I envy the invitation. hahaha!

    1. hahaha! Kathy, why don’t you join us? We’re now accepting applications for new member. Fill in the form below in case you’re interested. 🙂

      Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10QKcTWzjlJ_8ejB31G7EdSwAy5I0gCdCD-FV3ERGKJ0/viewform

      1. Oh my! Wow! Thank you!

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