Weekend Project: Moalbaol, Cebu

Basdaku, Moalboal CebuThis week’s weekend project is at the progressive municipality in Moalboal. 

Basdaku, Moalboal CebuBasdaku, Moalboal Cebu

Coz my friends love spontaneous trips; we packed our bags and hopped on a bus going to the south. We went to Delgado Beach Resort first and settled at Manang’s Ester.

Basdaku, Moaboal CebuBasdaku, Moalboal Cebu

The resort doesn’t have a name but people called it as Manang Ester (the name of the owner). It has three rooms and located block away from Delgado Beach Resort. It’s more of a homestay. Price is negotiable and you can cook your meal or ask the staff to cook it for you.

Basdaku, Moalboal CebuBasdaku, Moalboal Cebu

The good thing about the trip was we have the beach all by ourselves. I guess in any popular destinations its best to explore it during weekdays.

Basdaku, Moaboal CebuBasdaku, Moalboal Cebu

We are feeling lazy that day and all we wanted is to setup a picnic at the beach… read a book… drink some booze. By around 3pm, we decided to explore the beach and started walking. And we ended up at Hale Mana Beach Resort. Now, I know where they are located.

Basdaku, Moalboal CebuBasdaku, Moalboal Cebu

Our trip was ended by having breakfast at the nearby carenderia and chit chat with some locals while waiting for a bus back to the city.


Some important things and tips to remember:

  • For bigger sandbar, you can stay in Basdaku, Savedra.
  • Refrain from staying overnight at open cottages or resorts with no security guards. While waiting for a bus at the bus stop terminal, locals were talking about a tourist who was robbed the night before. Wherever you are staying, be cautious.
  • The standard rental fee of an entire banca when going to an island hopping in Pescador Island is P2000.
  • Gaisano Moalboal and McDonalds are now open. There are mini food stalls like Master Siomai and Leylam’s Shawarma inside the Gaisano Moalboal.
  • Club Serena’s pizza and Ravenala Resort’s Nasi Goreng (Indonsian’s fried rice) are must try when you’re in Moalboal.
  • No decent 3G signal.
  • For bookings and reservations in Manang Ester’s resort, you may contact her at +639275785983.

Hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Moalboal as much as we enjoyed ours. Till next weekend project. 🙂


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